Luxury hotel Rome - Splendide Hotel Royal Rome - Hotel di lusso a Roma: soggiorno eccellente allo Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

Luxury hotel Rome: cool stay at Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

I lost count of the number of times I have been to Rome. Often I change accommodation, not because they are not good, but because I like to explore and to try new places. Anyway, searching for luxury hotel Rome, I found one where I spend a cool stay, visiting it more times. It offered me a pleasant experience. The location is simply perfect, especially for travelers, the rooms are elegant, spacious, and well equipped, plus the staff is kind, professional, and smiling. It has also one of the bests restaurants in the city.

How is this structure called? The name is the Splendide Hotel Royal Rome. Maybe you already heard about it, but let me explain to you more about more experience. I am sure you will try it too. This five stars place is part of Roberto Naldi Collection that counts on marvelous hotels in Rome, Lugano, and Paris. For my research, I focused my attention on three words: comfort, courtesy, and location. Also, the price is important, but there are always good promotions, so you can have low rates for a great room. You already want to go there. Where is it? The prestigious building is in the heart of the elegant part of the city center. Few meters from the famous Via Veneto, set of the ”Dolce Vita”, and 300 meters from Spanish Steps.

Entering my luxury hotel Rome

When the porter opens the door, the guest enters a superb hall, connected with spacious lounges where clients can rest and chat. Old furniture, ancient paintings, marble floor, and stylish decorations are everywhere, as in noble houses in the past. Royal is not only part of the name of the hotel, but the best adjective to describe the structure. At the reception a kind, but especially smiling, the staff is ready to welcome the guest.

Luxury hotel Rome - Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

The check-in at the Splendide Hotel Royale Rome is fast and also at that moment, their kindness makes the guest feel comfortable. I remember the first time there. While I was starting the registration, I had an important business call. It wasn’t polite, but I couldn’t postpone the call. The staff managed everything for me, to make it easy and to not make me interrupt the conversation. It is a small thing, but it says a lot about the service provided and about the attention dedicated to the guest. 

Splendide Hotel Royal Rome room

Each room is spacious and very well equipped with modern amenities, combined with ancient and rich furniture. The Jacuzzi bathtub is for sure a pleasure, useful to relax after a day around Rome. The view on the Villa Borghese park gives peace feelings. Also in the most simple rooms, everything is elegant and there is always an entrance separated by the bedroom, equipped with a desk and armchairs. The suites are special not only for space but also for the balconies and the panorama, especially at sunset.

Luxury hotel Rome - Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

Luxury hotel Rome - Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

It is possible to have music in the bathroom thanks to the radio, while you take a relaxant bath in the Jacuzzi using the luxury products by Etro. They took care of each small detail to guarantee maximum comfort. Suites are like small apartments, perfect for those who want to have more space or for families. This luxury hotel Rome has the right setting for business travelers, couples, or families.

The staff

I already mentioned more times about the people who work at the Splendide Hotel Royal Rome. But they deserve some more words. The staff counts on an efficient concierge, front desk operators ready to answer to any request, and waiters discrete and professional. They give impeccable service. This is very important because you feel like a king. Well, I like a lot to go to hotels because someone takes care of me, of some of my needs.

I can reserve a restaurant, plan a transfer, and much more without effort. In this way, I have more time for myself, my visits, or my business. It becomes easier also to find the most suitable places for my tour around the city because they have a lot of tailor-made tips for travelers. And also for who simply wants to enjoy the Eternal City.

The restaurant

Splendide Hotel Royal Rome is excellent, but there is an added value that contributes to getting this result. This is the restaurant, called Mirabelle. Elegance is everywhere and the terrace gives one of the best views over Villa Borghese and the center of the city. The maitre takes guests to the table and he is always ready to give some advice about food and wines. They propose international recipes prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients. The waiters serve the client explaining the main ingredients.

Luxury hotel Rome - Splendide Hotel Royal Rome

I am surprised that Mirabelle isn’t a Michelin star restaurant, but I strongly recommend it, also if you are not staying at this luxury hotel Rome. The prices are well proportioned to the quality. It is common to find also some VIP. My first dinner there I was alone, but I enjoyed it a lot thanks to the exquisite cuisine and the service. 

The breakfast

I must write something about breakfast. It is one of the best, for quality and variety, I have ever had around the world. A closed terrace with an amazing view of Villa Borghese welcomes the guest. The setting is elegant and fresh, I had the impression to get energy from the ambiance to start the day. There is a huge choice with dedicated islands spread around the room, so you will find the space of sweets, the one for salted dishes. You can also order from the menu and they prepare what you like.


Now you are ready to book this marvelous hotel and experience a unique stay in Rome. There are always good deals, so you can have a luxury five stars room for a cheap price and enjoy the comfort and treatment like a king. Check out here the best rates. You can also consider it for a gift to your partner or someone special. I did it for my parents, they had a great journey and stay over there.

If you want more tips about Rome, read my posts, you will find inspiration. And share this article, your friends might be interested in their trip to the Eternal City. 

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