ZTE Axon 30

ZTE Axon 30: features and advantages for users

How much do you use your smartphone’s camera? I am sure, as I do, you have it always in your hands ready to catch the best moments to share with your friends through your social profiles. A mobile is important for all its functions, that’s why when we have to choose it, we need to take care to analyze all the features. I did it for you and for me as well. Here you can find all the information you are searching for and you want to know about the new mobile ZTE Axon 30. Will it be your next phone? Discover it!

This mobile is a great value, especially according to the price. One of the things I like the most is the under-display camera. It disappears from the screen when the camera isn’t in us. The display also is amazing because it’s big, it helps a lot to read and see contents. Maybe it is missing the wireless battery charging, but surely it isn’t a big issue, especially because this items has one of the bests value for money on the market.

Well, in order to go deep into the features, it is better to proceed step by step.

ZTE Axon 30 main features

I have already mentioned the under-display camera, the next brand’s flagship phone has a lot of impressive specs. You can take amazing pictures, according to the quality, but when you are not using the camera, it disappears completely. A small off-color square hides the camera behind. You can’t make mistakes and take a photo while you are doing something else. The edge-to-edge screen give a bigger view on all contents, from videos to text. This is really better and useful, also when you are surfing the net, starting from the brand’s site to see the excellent effects of the features.

If you want to take a selfie or play games, this massive It’s effective in hiding the selfie camera for an uninterrupted screen, which leads to an inarguably better display experience than any other phone on the market with a notch or punch-hole. For many, the absence of a screen notch or other cutout alone will be enough to sell them on this phone, but that undersells its quality as a massive 6.92-inch full HD Plus AMOLED screen is just the best one you can use. Your experience can be really unique, especially because no market competitors can offer a screen like that.

The camera is impressive as well, especially compared to the phone’s price. It counts on great capabilities in capturing amazing daylight photos. The specific is given by ultra-wide range and macro capabilities. For the night photos it may be necessary some light, but the result is again very good. The excellent value of the camera is surely one of the best reasons to buy and use this smartphone. But this is not the conclusions, it worths going deep into the other features.

The design of ZTE Axon 30

The new ZTE’s smartphone Axon 30 is a big mobile and its design is made to handle the smartphone and its almost 7-inch screen with comfort. The plastic side makes easy to get a grip on. It reduces the risks from dropping the phone. This aspect is essential in managing a big item like it, especially when you have to use the camera, taking selfies, or do any other “creative” activity. The back of the smartphone is thin, compensating the big size of the screen.

The camera block is in the back’s top-left corner. It has two differently sized circles. The top one has a single camera lens, while the bottom has three lenses in a triangular arrangement.  On the right side the is the volume control and, below it, the lock button. Everything is made for a easy and immediate use. This aspect is something that I appreciate a lot.

At the top of the mobile phone there is a microphone and at the bottom a USB-C port. On the left there is a speaker and on the right it is present the SIM slot. All the essential elements are located in a comfortable position.

It’s black cover is impressive and it is important to mention the nanoscale micro-beam texture and the holographic color effect. The phone has a double waist line design with a body is 7.8mm thin and 189g light for easy handling.

The display of ZTE Axon 30

The ZTE mobile, Axon 30, packs an expansive 6.92-inch Full HD Plus (2460 x 1080) AMOLED display is one of the main features of the phone and surely a plus for this product. According to the ZTE previous smartphones, this represents a new chapter, a huge innovation.

It is good to underline that they used a new material with higher transparency: cover glass, polarizers, packaging glass, cathodes, light-emitting organic materials, arrays, substrate glass. The section of the display that houses the under-display camera adopts a Special OLED and more transparent cathode so the 7-layers of the screen are more transmissive to create better conditions for selfies.

Smart pixel enhancement

This mobile phone has an independent UDC chip that gives a smart pixel enhancement with these capabilities:

  • record the working time and temperature of each pixel;
  • establish a calculation model;
  • adjust it in real time to keep the brightness and chromaticity of the camera area under the screen consistent with the overall screen.

Another benefit that comes from the innovation concerns the display optimization algorithm: intelligent optimization of the two display section controls, ensuring a more accurate, synchronized and consistent display. The algorithm 2.0, with its enhancement techniques, greatly improve the resolution of the screen with intelligent atomization and smart anti-glare. A dynamic range of intelligent automatic adjustments enhance the contrast, image clarity and transparency to meet a variety of everyday situations.

The multi-drive ACE circuit arrangement increases efficiency by 50% (it might vary according to users’ experiences) in comparison to the previous version, ensuring better transitions of both areas of display for a more natural look.

Ultra-smooth experience for gaming and daily usage gives important benefits and this can be understood from these data:

  • 120Hz refresh rate;
  • 360Hz touch sampling rate;
  • Offering Multi-Speed sampling rate;
  • adjustment with a dynamic resource;
  • scheduling system.

And also it has the Triple Eye Comfort Certifications. Effectively reducing blue light and protecting eyesight. Supports DC dimming to reduce visual fatigue caused by when looking at the screen.

The camera of ZTE Axon 30

The first element that defines the ZTE Axon 30’s camera concerns the large pixel front camera sensor with larger light sensitivity for better photos. This is all about superb results for your pictures. The 4-in-1 sensor allows the light-sensitive area of a single pixel to be increased to four times its original size, resulting in a 2.24um mega pixel. The light sensitivity makes it easier to take pictures, thus guaranteeing image quality.

The three sensor camera is good to expand the range with an 8MP ultra-wide lens with 120-degree field of view and 2MP depth sensor helping out more than the 5MP macro lens. The 16MP front-facing under-display camera takes clear photos. The quality is on high level, as well taking into consideration the colors and their balance. It works really very well. You can have vibrant color and nuanced shadow in your photos.

The smartphone camera is able to take long distance pictures too, it captures reasonably crisp shots of subjects at a distance. During your trips you can take amazing shots even if the subjects are far. I want to underline this aspect because when you don’t have the chance to reach all the things around you and you want to take the moment with a particular light, not all phones on the market can give you this chance.

Portrait mode

The portrait mode adds good depth, you can even catch food and drinks around you to share them on your favorite social networks. The camera has the ability to balance and get benefit from the daily light in different conditions.

With multi-camera recording support that opens up to three at the same time and allows you to choose 2 or 3 images from 6 different views during previewing.

1. Open the camera and select “MULTI-CAMERA” , then you can record with up to three frames.

2. After shooting, three videos with different zooms are saved in your photos. You can edit your videos creatively.

About video shooting, it is supporting both 4K in 60FPS and HD in 30FPS to capture smoother and delicate footage.

ZTE Axon 30

The performances

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 mobile platform has a frequency of 3.2GHz, higher performance compared to the last under-display camera phone with improved CPU to 190% and GPU to over 330%. This gives you a clear idea about performances of the smartphone created by ZTE.

What about signal? I know there is always the risk to have problems with connections and maybe the phone stop working while you are watching a video or playing a game. The new Axon 30 of ZTE has good signal and high download speed. Even if the performances may vary, you can count on Super “Anti-Block” Antenna 3.1 for unobstructed signal:

  • the “Anti-lock” antenna systems makes sure that the antenna is never blocked whether held horizontally or vertically, increasing signal transceiving capacity by 100%;
  • the Wifi 6 fast network provides unique network detection algorithms to intelligently identify the best network for a seamless instant cuts between Wifi and 5G minimising drop time;
  • the 5G antenna is moved up and low frequency antenna on the side for a Dual WiFi antenna;
  • intelligently seamless switching and acceleration between 5G/Wi-Fi1/Wi-Fi2;
  • compared with traditional antenna processes, there is signal transceiver capacity of 100%.

There are multiple vlog templates. The built-in templates for filming can also guide the camera movement, transitions, etc., making it easy for everyone to create impressive films. What to do? Go to the camera, choose “VIDEO”, and click on the little triangle, then click the “VLOG”. Then you can use a huge variety of movie filters to make your creations unique and attractive.


This mobile purify your ear with stunning sound. DTS: X Ultra for immersive 3D audio technology, providing multi-dimensional sound atmosphere that supports Al call noise reduction and AI smart voice:

  • earphone Hi-Fi;
  • AI phone call noise cancellation
  • 3D stereo atmosphere

The handset has 8GB RAM and 128GB storage, though some regions have a higher-spec configuration of 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. Thanks to Snapdragon 888 Plus you can count on 12GB RAM. This means that Axon 30 is powerful. The smartphone runs Android 11 and uses ZTE’s MyOS11.

Life of the battery

Another essential aspect is about the battery. How many photos you can take? How much time you can spend talking or playing games? It depends on many factors, but keep in mind that Axon 30 made by ZTE has a 4,200mAh battery, which is pretty good. According to your usage habits you will have a full day of energy, at least.

In the box you can find the 65W charger that works wildly fast, so you can recover the full battery in a small amount of time, usually in 45 minutes. In 15 minutes you get over 50% and in half an hour more than 80% of the battery filled. I think it’s even better to have a fast charger than a bigger battery

Should I buy ZTE Axon 30?

This is your question and I have no answer because it is up to you. The decision is your task, I can’t do it for you. But don’t worry, I can help youth some tips and considerations. Do you want a high quality smartphone at a good price? Well, this is the perfect product. I know, the price is not the only element to evaluate.

One of the best reasons to buy it is to The most obvious reason to buy an Axon 30 signed by ZTE is to get a phone featuring a blemish-free screen with an under-display camera. Its huge screen will give you an amazing experience watching media. As well the various option for video shooting and the fast charge are excellent features.

The power and the AI guarantee you an innovative mobile phone for new generation performances. I personally don’t see any reasons to not buy it, you have to think about it and to compare these features and the price with the main offers of the market. You will find out that this is surely the option you are searching for.

Anyway, check out the infographic below to get some more information about the smartphone. Then I invite you to check out the official website to get all data you need and to buy it. Don’t forget to take advantage of coupons I reserved for you at the end of the post, after the infographics.

ZTE Axon 30
ZTE Axon 30

Coupons about ZTE Axon 30

Here are some special discounts for you, but don’t wait too much, they are valid for a limited time!

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You can choose from the model you prefer, the Ultra version is more equipped. Select your ZTE smartphone:

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You can get a great value at a discounted price, so take action now, it is an exclusive for my readers and I can guarantee that you will be happy with your new phone. Start now to watch videos and play games without interruptions and take marvelous photos with the amazing under-display camera! Check out also my travel photos to see the performances.