Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

You planned to visit my country, but you are not sure that is safe. Let me explain. Why visit Italy with Coronavirus. This is what I want to tell you. Italians became in a few days very dangerous for the world. It is the third country for the number of people who got the virus. Numbers are high, but on 61 million inhabitants, it is not that much. Most of the people who lost their lives had other pathologies and unfortunately, there were problems to manage hospitals because they weren’t prepared for a pandemic. The situation is improving.

Italy is coming out from lockdown, but it is necessary to follow the rules. Authorities in all countries are deciding on borders. That’s why we have to check our governments’ tips before moving. Anyway, we need to consider that step by step normality will be back. In the news, especially on Italian TV, conditions were described terrifically. That’s why you are scared. This is what happened to me and thousands of other citizens. But paying attention it is not difficult to understand the exaggeration.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

My explanation is not going to focus on alarms and fake news, there are a lot of them on the web, but on concrete facts and information. You surely heard about the Carnival in Venice, canceled for the virus. As they did for many other events. The authorities decided to act to prevent and to keep high the level of security for citizens and also for visitors. This appeared like a massive intervention that made people crazy. The lockdown, which is going to finish in a few weeks, was helpful.

Now there is less contagion, most people won the virus. We all need to follow the instructions, but there is no reason to panic. Why visit Italy with Coronavirus. Of course, when borders will be open to tourists. I could tell because the country is beautiful and also because now it costs less. Anyway, let’s go on whit concrete information. To take the right precaution you need to know what we are talking about. 

What are the necessary precautions?

All the things you should do are part of your daily life on every occasion. Yes, all the actions to take are good to prevent any type of virus contagion. 

  1. Wash your hands often
  2. If your hands are dirty don’t touch eyes, mouth, or nose
  3. Don’t have contact with other people you don’t know well, because they can have dirty hands or be contagious
  4. Respect the prescription

The last point concern some eventual restrictions for small areas or maybe for the number of people who can enter museums and restaurants. These measures are part of prevention and safety. So this means that there are no risks for travelers. This can be updated from time to time, so always check the page settled on Wikipedia to know the last rules to follow.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus. You can have your tour being safe anytime thanks to the work that the medical staff is doing all around the country, starting from the airports. You can anyway check out the pages of your country’s embassy in Italy to get travel tips and information. Despite some advice to not travel to and from Italy, there is no reason to avoid a trip to my cool country for the next months.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus?

The Coronavirus is a respiratory illness and it is part of the same family of the common cold. The first contagious was in China, in Wuhan in a market. From the last part of December, this virus went around the world and Italy started to be one of the countries infected. 

Most of the patients were already affected by respiratory pathologies, that’s why a few of them died. Coronavirus wasn’t the cause, it just helped the bigger illness. Pneumonia was one of the respondents in most fragile patients. People who lost life were sick and quite old. Only around 2% (or even less) prove fatal.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

It is hard to recognize it because when you get it, you feel the flu. The symptoms are headache, fever, cough, aching, and breathing difficulties. It needs an incubation period from 2 to 14 days and it comes from contaminated items or sick people.
Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? Because it is not so dangerous if you don’t have already some respiratory illness. Any hospital can cure you and it is like a normal cold in winter. You already know that you can get sick traveling in the cold season. You just need to prevent it. Then if you are healthy and you get it you can treat it and get better again. 

How to be protected?

I already mentioned some of the actions you can adopt to protect yourself from Coronavirus. As you noticed there is nothing particular to do. You follow the same rules every day at home or in every country you visit.
  1. Wash your hands with soap and water, especially anytime you sneeze and cough or before to eat
  2. Never touch your nose, eyes, and mouth if your hands are not washed
  3. Pay attention to cover nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough
  4. Be careful in contact with people with colds and respiratory symptoms. Don’t give them hands and keep a 1-meter distance
  5. If you are close to ill people or you want to be more safe use a mask
  6. If you don’t have the chance to wash hands with soap and water use the waterless, alcohol-based solutions
  7. Clean with alcohol the surfaces you touch
  8. Before taking antibiotics or any other medicine ask for the doctor
  9. Don’t be afraid of Italian and Chinese items or people

For any update about the situation, I suggest you visit the website of the Italian Health Ministry. Also, check out the videos prepared by the World Health Organization to follow the proper rules. WHO.

What to do if you get a Coronavirus?

In case you think to be ill and have this virus call a doctor. For us in Italy, we have family doctors ready to help us. You can easily ask the hotel reception to call a doctor for you. It is not necessary to go to the hospital, also to not make it too crowded. So you will be immediately visited and the doctor will know what to do and how to cure you. Wait for the doctor without going around to not infect other people. Don’t panic.

The Italian Ministry set a direct phone number to get assistance and information while you are in Italy: 1500. You can call it and find English and Chinese speaker staff. For emergencies, phone number 112 is also always active.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

You won’t need but it can be good to have a small vocabulary:

I need a doctor = Ho bisogno di un dottore

I think to have the Coronavirus = Penso di avere il Coronavirus

Fever = Febbre

Cough = Tosse

Headache = Mal di testa

Flu = Influenza

Cold = Raffreddore

Ambulance = Ambulanza

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? Because it is not dangerous and you can have great assistance and be cured by very good doctors. Don’t forget that the virus is worldwide, so every country has the same problem, even yours. Who died had big health problems, so the Coronavirus was maybe contributing, but it wasn’t the main cause.

You can purchase online before to live all that you need, like masks and waterless solutions to keep clean your hands. Check out the Farmacia Loreto Gallo catalog. They have experience and give discounted prices so you can easily get ready to travel.

Italy and lockdown of the regions

Now I already told mentioned Wikipedia and the Italian Health Ministry as updates providers. Anyway, now the regions are all in lockdown. The month of May is going to be the one dedicated to the reopening of the country. It will be step by step. Most of the cases were registered in the northern regions, especially Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto. Now the authorities are reducing the blocks and they started to allow many factories, offices, and some shops to open again. Soon also malls, restaurants, bars, hotels, and museums will be back to normality. This is the perfect period to plan a visit for summer.

The lockdown planned was useful to limit the contagion and also to help hospitals, crowded. Also, the limits to travel to Italy will be removed and in airports, train stations, and ports they will continue to keep medical staff ready. They will check visitors and the respect of the rules by all people. Then in the main buildings and each airport, the medical staff will check the temperature of visitors and passengers.

As you may know in the very beginning, we had a few small municipalities blocked. They solved the problem of the virus. So lockdown was helpful. This explains why to visit Italy with Coronavirus. The country is going to be safer and ready to welcome people in the next weeks. We are all using the experience made in the last months to do better and to keep the situation under control for the population and tourists. Italy will be even more beautiful than usual and cheaper.

What can happen to visitors?

When you will arrive the medical staff will check if you have a fever. In hotels, restaurants, and museums you will find fewer people because it will be important to keep distances. Isn’t it better to enjoy a meal or to see better artworks? Fewer people around allow you to stay quieter and to have a cool holiday. We will see how the situation will change together with rules. Anyway, after the emergency, when borders will be opened completely again, soon, it will be the perfect moment to go around.

If you planned the visit in this period or the next few weeks you don’t need to cancel it. There are huge reasons to just postpone the tour. Check the dates according to authorities’ decisions. All the booking services can update you as well.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? Well, let me list the reasons.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus: the reasons

This virus isn’t so dangerous. And now the country is safer. This should be clear. Then you can get the same illness in many other countries, almost all the countries in the world are affected. This could be one reason why to visit Italy with Coronavirus. But of course, there is something more.

Now the tourism in Italy has a terrible impact, many people canceled their trips, and the tourism industry is going to risk a lot. Especially people risk their jobs. This is only one of the sectors that are going to create huge difficulties for the entire Italian economy. True, why should you take care of the Italian economy?

Let me ask you: does Italy deserve this? The country looks like responsible for a pandemic, it is the one with most of the cases in Europe. Maybe just because others didn’t denounce the cases or nothing important happened. One Italian doctor was infected abroad going to seminars in Greece and Germany. 

Italian trip: why visit Italy with Coronavirus

In reality, it doesn’t matter the economy and even who has the biggest number of patients. The important thing is that is not so dangerous and curable. 

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? I have for you two main answers, but before let me list a few things you could do. Why don’t you try to explore beautiful locations that may be a bit less known by the majority of tourists? 

Have you ever been to Aosta? A lovely town surrounded by mountains full of art and archeology. You can visit the museums, see the ancient finds, admire exhibitions and ski.

What about Naples? Get lost in the small street, but a Nativity statue, enjoy the gulf and taste the best pizza of your life. It is a surprising city and you will love it.

Now we have a warm temperature around Italy so you can swim and enjoy the sea and the sun in Sardinia. It is a superb region full of history and nature to explore during your trip.

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

You should taste mozzarella in Apulia, while you go to the seaside and visit the historical sites. Art, architecture, and archeology are the main keywords for your trip to this amazing region.

These are only a few ideas for your Italian tour avoiding any virus and even blocks.

Why should you visit Italy with Coronavirus?

It is time to give you my two answers. Thanks to fake news and some excesses of the communications Italy is not crowded at all and also it costs less. Some events were canceled, some others postponed and certain countries banned for a while the connections with Italy. So there are fewer people around. Isn’t this the best condition to visit the country?

As I told you, the tourism industry starts to be in crisis for this particular situation. So this means that you can easily find better deals with cheap price reserving a room or buying tickets for flights and attractions. It is convenient to visit Italy now. Don’t you agree? Check.

I can anyway add one more reason. The maximum level of medical check is guaranteed to everyone. So I should even try to affirm that Italy could be the best place to get the virus and get better through the best treatment.

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Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? Now you have all the answers, so what are you waiting for?

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Have a safe trip!

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  1. We would love to visit Italy, even with Coronavirus.
    But the main issue is : How to get to Italy with the Coronavirus?

    We’re not so far in Paris, but we are not allowed to travel there, fly there or take a train to Italy.
    It’s all so sad, I guess it’s the same for Italian, as the economy definitely needs some visitors this year …. Fingers crossed that we can visit in a few weeks!

  2. Unfortunately, the situation is different day after day, so the rules change and we all need to follow them. I guess summer will be a bit easier to travel and we need visitors because our economy is in very bad condition now. This means to have lower prices and with social distance our beaches, parks, restaurants, and hotels are quieter.

  3. Hi good to know you are fine. I have some cousins there in Milan and the reason every year I go there to visit. I hope I can do it again sometime soon once this is all over! Keep safe! I noticed that you changed your theme. It’s better looking, easy on the eye! (though I have to put my details before posting my comment).

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