Where to travel in 2021: 15 uncommon places for your trips

It is time to think about new destinations. Trends, advice, offers… what are the elements that influence you? I have a better question. Where to travel in 2021? I have also an answer. Or better I have some travel tips for you. As a traveler, except for business trips, I always search for some new places to visit. That’s why I can share some ideas and the countries suggested by experts. Yes, my selection follows some analysts’ opinion, the trends, and also the type of attractions. I love to get into touch with nature, art, and culture. 

I feel a bit like a novel writer now, because thinking about 2021 and future years seems to predict something that we can’t know. My post wants to share some ideas for your next holidays. According to the opportunities given by some countries, it is easy to find the best places to travel to in 2021. What I usually try to avoid is to visit a place crowded with tourists because I like to explore something less known to see genuine towns, people, and attractions. Tourism is an important source, but it changes a lot the countries and locals. 

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Before mentioning the best places to travel in 2021, I want to precise one aspect. It’s about the method of choice. Surely a holiday package, a beautiful beach, a place never heard of before can influence your choice. I suggest focusing on the reason for your trip. I mean think about what you expect. A relaxing stay, adventure, city break, culture immersion… Because you need to find a proper destination to answer your needs and wish. 

Where to visit in 2021: Africa

The continent is an amazing destination because of its wildlife and also for the colors. Magnificent landscapes and sunsets are giving a wonderful atmosphere to travelers. People are friendly and photography safaris are the best to see cool and beautiful animals. Africa is very big, so not all the places can offer the same set. The northern countries offer art and a culture influenced by Arabs, while the southern countries are mainly featured by nature. I simplify, but these are important elements that distinguish the various part of the continent. Where to visit in 2021? Well, there is an African country that deserves attention.

1. Chad

It is located in Central Africa and it counts for almost 1.3 million kilometers squares with a bit more than 11 million inhabitants. The majority of people live in rural areas. This means that there aren’t so many big cities, but a lot of nature.  Zakouma National Park is a great example of how this destination is perfect for wildlife. 30.000 kilometers squares with a good variety of plants and high grass, but especially with animals. Elephants, lions, buffaloes, giraffes, antelopes, hartebeest, and rhinoceros. 

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Tourism is a resource for the country, but it is not so much known as a destination. That’s why is highly recommended. It offers great landscapes and the prices are cheaper than in other countries located in the South part of the continent. In Zakouma you can also live a unique experience, to sleep in a Bedouin-style camp with tents. You can stay like the explorers of the past. There are a bit more comforts in tents, but not so many. If you like animals and some adventure (you will be safe, don’t worry), Chad is where to travel in 2020.

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Where to travel in 2021: Asia

Asia for Western people represents a charming country. What we like is to explore a very different culture, a lifestyle based more on the person and the community. This is a general concept and we should discuss more, but it is also a reason to include the continent, or better some of its countries, in the list of destinations where to travel in 2021. The places to visit are a combination of culture, history, and nature. There are areas for almost all tastes.

2. China

The country is very big, but the destination suggested for 2021 is Yunnan. This area is located in the South of the Tibetan Plateau. It isn’t the classical city with the meeting of modernity and tradition. The place is a province that hosts some ethnic minorities, especially because of the border, offers a cultural journey together with beautiful landscapes. A lot of artisans live there and they propose their product according to the traditions of their origins. It’s a type of mixture that makes the destination more interesting.
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Yunnan is not on the tourism lists, but not the government and privates are investing and they are working to open soon some lodges to welcome travelers. There won’t be a luxury, but comfort. The goal is to explore culture, that is different from the one in China. It is cool to discover this Asian pearl and to know better their habits. You need to be open-minded and be ready to meet locals. Get in touch with them is the thing to do there.

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3. India – Ladakh

The country is already one of the most known travel destinations, but not all the places in India are part of the tourism ways. Ladakh is one of them. What is the attraction there? Mountains. It is close to Bhutan and Himalaya, so it can become a basecamp for trekking to those more known areas. Here the landscapes are marvelous and they deserve to be explored. The two keywords are nature and local culture. These elements are important and you need to get in touch with them.

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The region is mainly mountainous so you can do trekking and be immersed in nature. Then you have to meet locals, the community represents traditions and a different lifestyle, especially because they live in the mountains. There are lakes and some deserts, at high altitude. You can discover culture also visiting the monasteries spread around the place. There aren’t monsoon, usually typical of other parts of India. If you go to Ladakh you have to be prepared to sleep in tents while you hike mountains. If you are searching for some adventure and to find yourself here is where to travel in 2021.

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4. India – South Goa

Another destination to see in India is South Goa. It hasn’t anything similar to the previous destination. Here the main feature is represented by the sea together with 127 beaches. A lot of space to enjoy an incomparable view and relax under the sun. It is good to plan some excursions by boat. You can anyway have some hours under the palms with a cold drink in your hands. It is a paradise for who loves to spend the holidays at the seaside. If you like to walk you can go around, exploring some nature close to the beaches.
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The exotic Indian scenery is perfect to plan your trip during the Christmas season, also if the beaches will be crowded. You can also visit this destination on the occasion of the Goal Carnival. It is between February and March. There are cottages on the hills and villas in front of the sea to host travelers. This area is not well known by Western tourists, but in India and the surroundings, it is quite popular. So, where to go in 2021? South Goa is one of the best answers.

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5. Vietnam

Are you searching for a peaceful destination full of history and art? You can find it in Vietnam. The place is called Hoi An. Unesco world heritage protects the Old Town. The translation of the city’s name is “peaceful meeting place”. There you can meet the culture of the country and go around by bicycle without any risk. The traffic is different from the other Vietnamese cities. Lanterns, colorful markets, local and tasty food are everywhere. Your trip to this destination reserve also a culinary part. 

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After you had a tour around the Old Town you have to reserve a day to explore the marine-protected islands. They are called Chàm Islands and these small eight paradises are unexplored by tourists, so it is good to choose them for your trip. Just one recommendation: be careful about hot temperatures. You can find around 40°C from February to August. In those months it doesn’t rain. In July you can see the fool moon and locals are not going there, so it is quieter. Around the city, there are great beaches to spend time at the seaside. You can stay in boutique resorts, with high-quality standards. 

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6. Thailand

A place full of peace and amazing beaches offer you a relaxing holiday under the sun and swimming. If you like this type of environment Koh Phra Thong Island in Thailand is the right destination if you want to know where to travel in 2021. It is located close to the west coast in the Kurabury area. The wildlife is unique and wonderful. Especially there are a lot of varieties of birds and reptiles, plus the monkeys. There some locals that are spending their breaks or holidays on the island, but the place is not known by international tourists.

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

That’s why you can access in an almost uncontaminated area where to live your relaxing time. Keep in mind that summer is very hot, so it is better to visit the destination during wintertime. Between November and February, the temperature is around 30°C. There are spartan accommodations close to the beach where you can stay to enjoy this paradise. The forest is great to have walk-in nature but follow the trails to not get lost or have some meetings with certain reptiles.

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7. Malaysia

Amazing views from the top, a virgin rainforest, and a curved suspension Skybridge make the best setting for your holiday. Where is this place? In Malaysia and it is called Langkawi. There are peaks from where to admire beautiful landscapes all around. It is still a good place for those who want to discover a destination without meeting big groups of tourists. Here is where to travel in 2021. But now the airlines are increasing the frequencies of connections from Europe. You can see cool varieties of butterflies and birds, but if you rent a boat you can explore the geological formations and the mangrove forest. The Kilim Karst Geopark is listed by Unesco.

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

All around there are 99 islands to be discovered, so you can spend there your holidays and plan many excursions. The best period is Christmas time when the temperature is between 30°C and 35°C, otherwise, it is hotter. And also it goes to be crowded. If you like a luxury you can book a room in luxury resorts. For romantic getaways, there are Malay houses. They are antique and really lovely, but the number is not so high, only 8. Book in advance and plan your stay in coconut plantations.

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8. Indonesia – Gili Air and Lombok

Maybe you heard about the heartquake at Gili islands in 2018, but now the situation is back to normality. A small paradise with red sunsets, only horses to use as means of transport, and two islands to be visited in a couple of hours is waiting for you. Gili Air and Lombok, in Indonesia, are the destinations for the year. This is where to travel in 2021. The ocean and the volcano Gunung Rinjani will conquest you. The crater has a lake at its summit and it is lovely for taking pictures and enjoying a break overwatching the sea and nature around.

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There is no monsoon season, but in some periods the rain makes it harder to explore the place. So if you want to plan a journey consider doing it in November. For your stay, there are two main solutions. The first one is a private hideaway on Gili Air island, the second one is cubist lodges on Lombok island. In this case, they also offer gourmet dinners made with Indo-fusion recipes. It is again a relaxing holiday the one to spend in this Indonesian area.

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9. Indonesia – Raja Ampat Islands

In the province of Papua, in the New Guinea Islands, there is one of the pearls of Indonesia. An area is not much known by international tourists. It is called the Raja Ampat Islands and it is one of the places where to travel in 2021. If your goal for next year is to explore something new, well, these islands are the perfect place for you. Imagine, you will find 1,500 jungle-covered islands around West Papua New Guinea. Nature and adventure will be the combination to make your holiday unforgettable.

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Do you like to swim in a marvelous sea and have beautiful species of fishes around you? Raja Ampat Islands are a great area for scuba diving and snorkeling. Maybe, according to what experts say, one of the best in the world. Plan excursions by boat. If you have the chance to rent one and keep it at your disposal, you will live superb moments. There are also a lot of corals with amazing colors and shapes. Then you can get lost in the forests. Of course, I am joking, but you should walk and explore nature. You will find directions before starting your trip to the forest.

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10. The Maldives

Reading the Maldives your mind goes immediately to the blue sea and with sand under the palms. Each island is like heaven. You are right, not all the atolls are so well known for the tourism destinations. It is the case of Thaa Atoll. This paradise is a virgin, not for a long time. In the Maldives, there are more than 4o uninhabited islands not touched by the 1 million and a half visitors that each year visit the country. You can find only a small single hotel, but some plans are already coming for new resorts. That’s why you should go as soon as possible. Now you know where to travel in 2021.

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

Not many locals are going there to spend the holidays in wintertime when the temperature is around 30°C. The Christmas season is perfect because is the period without rain and you can enjoy the place. To reach Thaa Atoll you have to use the seaplane that connects the area with the main airport. The trip is about one hour. The only hotel is a unique choice, but you can stay in an overwater villa admiring the lagoon. You will have all the comfort you need.

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11. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, in Western Asia, is not a tourism new destination, but there are some places where to travel in 2021 not so much known. It is always nice to discover areas and to be among the first travelers to explore them. Don’t you think so? Only in the last years, the country opened to Western tourism, so it is possible to find something cool to be discovered. In this case, I am not suggesting a relaxing holiday at the seaside. There are a lot of historic and archeological sites, part of the Unesco list. Al-‘Ulā offers 2,000-year-old finds and Mada’in Saleh has a huge necropolis with 130 tombs. 

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

Now it’s the proper moment because there is a new procedure to obtain the visa and the government is open to tourists. It will be easier to obtain a visa. Hotels for all budgets, especially luxury, are available. The standards for locals is quite high, especially because the local tourists are searching for high-ranking accommodations. Saudi Arabia is the destination where to travel in 2020 to learn about a different and interesting culture. So if you like history, archeology and to meet a different lifestyle, this is the best place to spend your holidays.

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Best places to travel in 2021: Europe

The old continent is welcoming each year millions of tourists, but there are still few places to discover. One of them is one of the best places to travel in 2021. You can find art, history, and nature around the various countries. On the list for next year, there is a paradise, where nature is dominant. It is the environment for the explorer. Then it is located in the middle of the sea, so peace is at home and you can benefit from that. Anyway, it is not far from other most popular destinations in Northern Europe. This means that you can spend part of the holiday at this place and part in some capital city.

12. Faroe Islands

The European destination where to travel in 2021 is part of Denmark but is over Iceland and it is isolated. The Faroe Islands are in the North Atlantic Ocean, equidistant from Norway and Iceland. They are not so much known by tourists, but they are starting the promotion, so it will become soon part of the main tracks. The reason is due to the magnificent landscapes with lovely towns, amazing wildlife, and a lot of trails for hiking. Once you arrive on the main island you can have a tour to see the others.

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

You don’t need to rent a boat because the connections are a guarantee thanks to ferries, bridges, and tunnels. You can easily move between the 18 volcanic islands. Since they are working to welcome more tourists and become one of the destinations chosen by travel agencies for their clients and groups. You can go there before them but get their benefits also. On the islands, they are realizing new accommodations including luxury hotels and lodges. So there will be structures ready for your stay.

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Where to go in 2021: South America

A continent where time sometimes stops to enjoy life. When I think of South America I see cool landscapes, a lot of colors everywhere, people relaxing, dancing, and singing. A culture, in general, that is not so much different from the Italian one. Well, many people visit the continent, but not all the places are on tourism tracks. There are some countries with jewels to be discovered, where to travel in 2021. The new destinations are spread in three countries. 

13. Costa Rica

One more paradise to put in your plans. The first goal of the country is environmental protection, for this reason, you can find wonderful areas, still virgin and not crowded. Nature is everywhere, you can find there a lot of forests, mountains, and shorelines: 166 protected areas. A must in the country for a traveler is the Tortuguero National Park. You need to use a boat or a plane to get there, but in nature, you will have a special show. Because it is a green turtle nesting site. The most famous and important in the Caribbean. 
where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021
Costa Rica is the destination where to travel to in 2021, but be careful about the period. The recommended one is May, the best season to find hot and sunny weather. In the summertime, a lot of tourists from the USA are visiting the country, so if you go earlier you will be quiet. Good accommodations can host you. With monkeys all around there is the Hotel Punta Islita in Nandayure, in front of the Pacific Ocean. Otherwise, to save money, you can choose rustic cabins close to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. These are suggestions but you can find more places according to your taste and budget.

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14. Mexico

Yucatán is one of the favorite destinations by tourists, but not all the area is common in holiday packages. Around you can find Aztec sites, towns made during the colonial period, and a lovely island: Isla Holbox. It is the typical tropical place, full of colors and vibes. During the weekend the local tourists are going there to have a break so it is quite crowded. It is good for entertainment with bars, restaurants, and white beaches. There are always spaces to stay in peace, have a fresh drink watching pelicans. 

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

If you want to visit Yucatán, you have to choose the weeks between November and December. Why? There is no rain, the prices are lower and it is not crowded. You can enjoy boltholes well equipped and full of proposals. They offer some special activities like yoga classes during sunrise, kayak trips, and so on. If you want luxury you have to book a room at Seclusive and Relaxing Villa in the jungle of Xpu-Ha by Happy Address, in Xpuha. The villa was the residence of an Italian Duchess. Mexico is one of the best destinations where to travel to in 2021. 

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15. Chile

Mountains, lakes, and wildlife are the three keywords to define Torres del Paine. Those elements are the main features of the place where to travel in 2021. Chile is famous for national parks, but this area is also quiet. You can go hiking or simply to enjoy nature and the environment relaxing and lay down to watch the sky. If you stand on the grass you will see the beautiful colors of the sunset. Who had the chance to see the solar eclipse in December 2020 in this place said that it was incredible. Anyway, even without that event, you will enjoy light and colors.

where to visit in 2021, best places to travel in 2021, where to go in 2021, where to travel in 2021

Chile is preferred by many travelers, so to find fewer people and cheap flight rates it is better to go there in early March. The temperature is warm during the day and cools at night. There it is the end of summer in that period. If your goal is to save money and to get in touch with nature, you can choose the eco-camps. They offer stunning views, especially of Milky Way. If you prefer to stay in a luxury hotel, you find good options. They include a Jacuzzi in the bathroom and gourmet meals, plus a good panorama.

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Where to travel in 2021: plan your trip

Now you have the list and brief descriptions about the best destinations where to travel to in 2021. There is only one more thing to do. Yes, you have to organize the journey. Choose the location you prefer and make your plan. First of all, find a plane on Kiwi. The platform offers the best deals and all the connections. You can compare and combine the flights to prepare your journey as you wish.




Then on Booking reserve the accommodations finding among the best solutions with the lowest rates. You can compare prices and especially the features of each hotel, B&B, flat, or villa. Plus you can book the experiences, to make exclusive and cool excursions at your destination. There is also the possibility to rent a car to explore your destination. 


Now you know where to go in 2021. There are a lot of places. If you are searching for ideas for Christmas time, I invite you to read my Christmas destinations and the best Christmas destinations.

Before living to be sure to have in your suitcase all that you need. To get inspired and purchase the travel items you want at the lowest prices, visit my Amazon page or AliExpress.

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If you want to know other places and you need more ideas, visit on the blog the destinations section. I add often countries and posts, so subscribe to my newsletter and you will get weekly news and extra information.



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