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Voice translator

Do you have a voice translator? Once I was in Belgrade, at the airport. In front of me at passport control, there were two Italian guys. They were speaking Italian. You can imagine how easy was for the police to ask them some questions. Well, I am Italian, my English is not so good (as you can read), but I hate to speak Italian abroad. Neither in Albania, where all locals know Italian, I like to use my language. To learn foreign languages it’s a passion. Going around the world I have difficulties to choose one and catching words in various countries I make sometimes confusion.

voice translator

At least I try to speak English and to learn the basics in the local language. I consider it not only a need (in some places it is) but respects. Entering a house (or a country) I have to respect who live there. That’s why my first thought concern the language. Maybe you have read my post about the beautiful Minsk.

There I had some difficulties to be in touch with people. And also to ask directions. People speak Russian and not English. In Turkey is hard as well. Like it happens in many countries. Some of you tried to talk to people in Italy. Almost impossible if you don’t know Italian. In this way, the best solution is a voice translator.

Voice translator, my ally

It’s impossible to know all the languages of the countries where I go. If I am in a small village and I need to ask something. In case locals don’t know English or French. What can I do? Using my voice translator. Before I had some hard situations, I wasn’t able in certain places to interact with people. Traveling can happen, but I wanted a solution. I started to explore the internet searching for some tool. Of course, I knew something about the technology came out in the last years. Voice translator allows me to easily communicate with people around the world.

voice translator

I took a look at many different websites, starting from reviews to online shops. My goal was to find a reliable item without spending too much. Also because I wanted to test it. Technology is great, I like it, but I have always some doubts. Step by step I found a voice translator that seems to me the proper one for my travels. The features are really interesting. It looks complete and thanks to AliExpress I can pay a low price. The discount of 39% makes it even more attractive. Now it speaks for me any language.

My choice

Why did I choose the item on AliExpress? Easy, because it offers exactly all that I need. First of all, this voice translator provides 68 languages of mutual translation. It has also a huge vocabulary. This means I can use it everywhere in all conditions, for any need. It is fast in the translation and it is accurate. The producer affirm 98% accuracy, I can’t measure it, but it is very high the percentage. I registered a very few errors, but it depends on the voice and the way to talk of the people.

voice translator

Obviously, voice translation needs an internet connection to refine the result. It is not a problem because the item I found on AliExpress has Wifi + hotspot multiple networking methods. This means that wherever you are you can be online. I can use this travel translator easily because it has a 2.4-inch HD touch screen. It is possible to translate in real time. The playback works with one click. It is light, just o,1kg, so I can carry it without efforts. This item is not so big, so easy to handle and to have it in the pocket.

In some places, I need to use it often, so the battery duration becomes very important. The 1200mah polymer battery lasts for 7 days and 6 hours on standby. Then it counts on the strongest voice recognition technology in order to guarantee high-quality performances. My voice translator, the same one you can have from AliExpress, count on cloud upgrade technology. So I can always have all the updates to improve my travel translator. You can use it for leisure or for business. It can translate any type of sentence.

If you travel you can really benefit from this item. In case you are not a traveler, maybe you can suggest it to some friends. Purchase it as a gift or share this post. To get more updates and extra content subscribe to my newsletter. Explore my shop.

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