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Virtual assistant: 1 wake to make huge money to travel

Would you like to be a virtual assistant? I am asking this to you because I know that you love to travel and you need extra money for that. This is the idea, to work as support for small enterprises and businessmen. It will give you a good income to pay the bills during your trip. This is a chance and it doesn’t require special competencies. According to your engagement, you can work for a few hours per week.

Everything will be made online so you can organize the activity in your free time or during the night. Of course, it depends on what you offer to the client. Anyway, you will work on the computer. A virtual assistant has multiplier tasks and generally the client gives instruction, but it is not necessary for a face-to-face meeting. It can be really profitable, but surely there are many people ready to hire you. They save money because they can pay for the job done without hiring a person to be paid monthly for a long period.

virtual assistant

How to become a virtual assistant

The internet gives a lot of opportunities and one of these is to work as a virtual assistant. All the business owners need some help to manage their daily work, what they can’t do by themselves. That’s why you can propose yourself to them or join some online marketplace. This will put you in touch with potential customers for your services. In this case, you will generally make some offers and you will compete with other virtual assistants. The most profitable way is to build your own website as marketing. Then you have to send direct messages to companies. Don’t forget to do some promotions through social networks.

What they will ask you to do? Data entry, social media management, formatting, editing, some online researches, email management, graphic design, booking travel, and so on. You can offer specific services. Or deal with the clients the activities according to your competences. I know that you have another question. How much does a virtual assistant earn? You can get $10-$30 per hour.

You have some elements to evaluate the chance to work in this field and get extra income to travel. If you want to know how to become a virtual assistant, I suggest you read this book. These are all the tips you need to start and have success. In case you are searching for other ideas, read my post. Or you can find more ideas among my guides.

Virtual assistant on Airtasker

To start to find easily clients or to apply for the offer, the best solution is to use a dedicated platform. Airtasker offers to you great opportunities. It works very well in connecting people in need of a virtual assistant who can do this job. Of course, the tasks can be various. But you easily check the website. Because the offers are specified.

Also, you can calculate the average income. You can do it according to the number of tasks you can do per week. For example, on the page dedicated to the offers, you find immediately a form. You select from the menu how many tasks you can do for a week. The system gives you back the average amount of monthly earnings.

If you manage more than 5 activities per week, your income will be $909/month. Not bad, especially because a virtual assistant needs to guarantee the tasks. Not necessarily several hours. It depends on the requirements and the tasks. If you will use Airstaker you will get the chance to decide what to do. You will be your own boss. Your payment will be secured through the platform and every day you will find different offers. Plus, for some tasks, they offer insurance coverage. Safety and freedom are the benefits you can get from Airtasker.

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