Video game tester jobs: 1 way to make huge money to travel

Video game tester jobs: 1 way to make huge money to travel

Would you like to play video games everyday and travel often? Yes? I have a great opportunity for you. Thanks to video game tester jobs you have the chance to earn good money. Then you can spend them, or a part of them, to explore the world. Do you think that this is impossible? No, it is a reality. Of course, it depends on your engagement, but the average income is between $500 and $3500 per month. So you can start to earn extra cash to pay some bills for your trips and then increase the income. It will be your primary job if you want.

Video game tester jobs: heaven for players

Anyway, let’s go step by step. Video game tester jobs are dedicated to who has a passion. There are no particular requirements, no skills, no experience. Of course, some computer knowledge is necessary. But if you are a player, you have it. The task is mainly to play and then prepare a report with the impressions of the company. It is easy. Of course, you will stay in front of your computer or mobile for some hours.

Because this is the work to do to test the game. You need to try it and to check out all the aspects. The graphic, the stages, and so on. If you are a video games fan, you will be like in heaven. Because you will get money to do something you normally do for free. Or even spending money.

video game tester jobs

Video game tester jobs: tasks

A tester has to analyze the games, validate grammar, syntax, spelling and proper location on a variety of different platforms. This is useful to ensure compliance with all console and handheld manufacturers localized official terminologies. Who is hired for a video game tester jobs has to review and perform exhaustive language tests. It is useful to ensure text and audio respect the cultural aspects of a game’s local edition remains in context and is consistent throughout. You will find potential bugs and you will suggest how to fix them.

What are some of the duties and responsibilities? For video game tester jobs you have to verify the linguistic accuracy of in-game text. Each typographical, grammatical and punctuation error has to be reported. You will give reports keeping in touch with the company team. You will also check files, cosmetic integrity, contextual consistency of the in-game text. It will be important to be sure about the correct implementation of the game. You will play and test how it works the game. Then it will be your responsibility to identify bugs. After the report, you will do the test again to see if bugs will be fixed.

Requirements of video game tester jobs

What the company will ask you? You need to know very well spelling and grammar in your language. Then you should have the ability to work in a team, to make reports and discuss with people the bugs and the things to do to improve the game. Also, you have to pay attention to the details and of course be reliable and punctual. As you see there are no special requirements. But you can see video games before any other person in the world, except the ones who produced it. Then your task will be to play. Isn’t it great? You will be paid for that.

video game tester jobs

How to work with video games

Now you want to know how to make money to travel with this type of job. You are curious about how and where to apply. Well, many companies hire people for that, because they produce video games. But this means that you need to spend your time to search for announcements. Then you write down the application, you send it and you wait for the answer. Plus some of the companies can require graduation in tech or previous experience in the field. There is also another way for video game tester jobs. There is an online platform that helps you. At least to start.

It is called Gaming Jobs Online and it offers the chance to work in the field. Your task will be to test new and especially unreleased games. You can easily work from home playing and getting paid. You will receive money via PayPal, check or wire transfer. Plus there will be some gadgets coming from the main companies as a bonus.

Play with mobile or computer

Then you will also have the chance to chose between mobile and console videos. The platform cooperates with big brands so it offers the possibility to test the best games. You won’t be hired, so more freedom, but you will work on single projects. They have thousands of opportunities, so you won’t remain without tasks.

video game tester jobs

How Gaming Jobs Online works

It is a marketplace, so you have to create an account. Instead, to keep a fee on your earnings, they ask very few amounts of money for the subscription. In this way they find video game tester jobs for you and they support you in any need. You don’t have to risk. There is a $1 trial. Once your account is settled you can immediately start to work.

There are many opportunities for you to play and analyze games. You can earn in your first 24 hours. In the website, you access to a list of jobs. You choose the one you prefer and start to play. Once you accomplished the tasks they review and you will get the payment. Easy and fast.

Be the boss

It doesn’t matter where you live and you are the boss. You will decide how to manage your time. They give you a deadline, but you will decide when to work. I know, there is one more thing you want to know. How much money can you gain? There is no precise answer because it depends on you. Many factors influence income. For instance, how much you work, how many tasks you accept, and so on. Anyway, the average yearly income for video game tester jobs is around $50,000. Not bad.


I can give you a few more details. The platform offers you various tasks and there are some rates. Some examples. If you have to fill an online survey about a video game you can earn from $5 to $75. Sometimes even more. If you participate in a focus group you can get paid up to $150 per hour. To preview new movies or game trailers they pay from $4 to $25 per hour. The review of a new game will make you gain $30 per hour. Imagine to collect that money and travel the world. Do you remember? You can work from anywhere. Even just using your mobile on a beach.

What are you waiting for? Click here and start to earn money with video game tester jobs

Make money to travel

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