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Video game tester jobs: work from home without experience

Would you like to play video games everyday and travel often? Yes? I have a great opportunity for you. Thanks to video game tester jobs from home you have the chance to earn good money. Then you can spend them, or a part of them, exploring the world. Do you think that this is impossible? No, it is a reality. Of course, it depends on your engagement, but the average income is between $500 and $3500 per month. So you can start to earn extra cash to pay some bills for your trips and then increase the income. It will be your primary job if you want.

Anyway, doing this activity can be a bit less funny. Why? Because you don’t have just to play games, but to take note of the features, search for weaknesses, and something more. You will have to accomplish some tasks. But you will play and at the same time, you will earn money. If you will follow this brief guide you will have a lot of chances to get this type of job.

A job like heaven for players

Anyway, let’s go step by step. Video game tester jobs no experience from home are dedicated to those who have a passion. There are no particular requirements, no skills, no experience. Of course, some computer knowledge is necessary. But if you are a player, you have it. The task is mainly to play and then prepare a report with the impressions of the company. It is easy. Of course, you will stay in front of your computer or mobile for some hours.

Because this is the work to do to test the game. You need to try it and to check out all the aspects. The graphic, the stages, and so on. If you are a video games fan, you will be like in heaven. Because you will get money to do something you normally do for free. Or even spending money.

video game tester jobs

Video game tester jobs from home: tasks

A tester has to analyze the games, validate grammar, syntax, spelling, and proper location on a variety of different platforms. This is useful to ensure compliance with all console and handheld manufacturers localized official terminologies. Who is hired for a job to test video games has to review and perform exhaustive language tests. It is useful to ensure text and audio respect the cultural aspects of a game’s local edition remains in context and is consistent throughout. You will find potential bugs and you will suggest how to fix them.

What are some of the duties and responsibilities? For video game tester jobs from home, you have to verify the linguistic accuracy of in-game text. Each typographical, grammatical, and punctuation error has to be reported. You will give reports keeping in touch with the company team. You will also check files, cosmetic integrity, contextual consistency of the in-game text. It will be important to be sure about the correct implementation of the game. You will play and test how works the game. Then it will be your responsibility to identify bugs. After the report, you will do the test again to see if bugs will be fixed.

Quality of the job

The position is called “QA tester”. Those two letters mean quality assurance. This makes the difference between playing and working. Yes, you don’t have only to play and have fun but to accomplish precise tasks. You have to find bugs.  The way to do this is to be unconventional. Most of the games offer a huge variety of combinations, so it is important to test all of them. Think out of the box and do something uncommon to see the reaction of the software. Maybe you will have problems playing, but it is the goal. So they will be solved for the gamers.

So your work will be to do something that developers didn’t expect. You have to find as many bugs as possible. All of them, all the ones can represent something wrong for customers. That’s why they use the word “quality”. You have to check it and to help them to improve the games to get closer, as much as possible, to the perfections. It is important to satisfy clients.

How much time do you need to test a game?

One of the most important questions. The answer can help you to understand also why the earning part is quite high. To find out the bugs you need to try any combination. For example, if you have to test a fighting game, you will act with each character. So it requires quite a lot of time. You have to play all levels. Imagine having 10 fighters and you have a match against each of them. It means 100 matches. If there are like 5 different maps you have to multiply the results and the final number is 500 matches. This is just an example.

You are thinking that it is funny. Well, don’t forget that this is a job and you have tasks to do. Maybe some block will happen, you will take note and you will restart or try another option. But your goal is to get money. Keep in mind that you will rarely choose the game, they will give one asking you to work on. You can anyway enjoy the time spent testing. And, about the hours, it depends on the quantity of the things to do. It may be also that they ask you to check only a part of the game. Anyway, get ready to play for hours on the same level.

Game tester jobs no experience from home requirements

What the company will ask you? You need to know very well spelling and grammar in your language. Then you should have the ability to work in a team, make reports, and discuss with people the bugs and the things to do to improve the game. Also, you have to pay attention to the details and of course be reliable and punctual. As you see there are no special requirements. But you can see video games before any other person in the world, except the ones who produced them. Then your task will be to play. Isn’t it great? You will be paid for that.

video game tester jobs

In a few lines, I explained the main features, but it is good to go a bit deeper. Surely it is not required to go to college and neither to attend some courses. There aren’t courses to do it. It is not hard to do. But companies hire people and you have to apply, so they make a selection. What do they want?

A quality assurance tester position requires detail-oriented people. This is the essential element, so you must have and show the ability to focus on small things, pick them up, and analyze them. This is also one of the secrets to success.

Then you need creativity and flexibility. They want you to focus your attention on each element, to think out of the common schemes, to find new ways to test the functionalities.

Be serious because you will have to respect deadlines and be productive. It’s a job and they will pay for your work, so laziness isn’t accepted. Don’t forget the communication skills, because you will remain in touch with the company and you will report step by step the results and the progress.

In the end, pay attention to reports because you have to write them in an understandable way to explain the bugs, the problems to developers. So you will also work in a team, even if in a remote way. You will be in touch with different people and departments. It is useful to approach people in different ways according to their roles, responsibility, and sensitivity.

How to work with video games

Now you want to know how to make money to travel with this type of job. You are curious about how and where to apply. Well, many companies hire people for that, because they produce video games. But this means that you need to spend your time searching for announcements. Then you write down the application, you send it and you wait for the answer. Plus some of the companies can require graduation in tech or previous experience in the field. Online there are different platforms dedicated to jobs and they list also this type of proposal coming from the companies active in the field.

Before going to explore the chances to find offers, it is useful to make some considerations and to answer important questions. It will be helpful to understand better this job.

Is it a stable job? What is the workload for a tester?

I put these questions together, like the answer, also because, as you imagine, they are always asked together. The basic earning is 10 USD per hour, but when you improve your experience and you give good results, they easily increase the rate of up to 14 USD per hour. It can grow more. Some testers can earn even more than 80,000 USD per year. It is not bad to play games. Even if playing is not so funny as it is for gamers. So, yes, it is a stable job, at least for many testers. If you work hard and well, you will be appreciated by companies.

If you are a good tester you will work at least 40 hours per week and in some cases, especially in certain periods of the year when they suppose to launch new games, you can even arrive at 80 hours per week. Don’t worry, this is an extreme limit. I don’t want to scare you, just tell you the reality to make you ready for challenges. In any job, there are some.

The hourly pay is not so high, but there are career opportunities. Doing experience and doing some other training you can become a developer or scale management role in companies. For management, you will also need a degree, but you can study and work to improve your position. And maybe not limit your competencies to games. It is full of software to test, also related to other sectors. 

Play with mobile or computer

Then you will also have the chance to chose between mobile and console videos. The platform cooperates with big brands so it offers the possibility to test the best games. You won’t be hired, so more freedom, but you will work on single projects. They have thousands of opportunities, so you won’t remain without tasks.

video game tester jobs

How to find tester jobs

Don’t follow who is asking you for money, but search directly for game companies or try this website: On it there is the list, update very often, of the offers with all the details about requirements and applications. You can easily explore all the proposals and select the ones you prefer. I also suggest you subscribe to their free newsletter, so updates will go directly to your inbox periodically. According to the companies’ requirements, you can apply for more jobs so you can have more opportunities and earnings. But respect deadlines and tasks.

From the first salary to a better job position

You have to consider that the salary depends on the tasks, one the company, and the country mainly. You can find jobs everywhere in the world because all enterprises active in the field need someone to test games. Anyway, these are the elements that are influencing the salary:

  • the hourly payment or monthly salary makes a difference in the final amount
  • the company you work for can be also a third party like a freelance studio
  • the period you work for the company
  • some bonus or benefits
  • the results and the experience
  • the role and the responsibility assigned
  • the local laws

Why get a degree?

To test video games you don’t need to study or acquire specific competencies through courses. Anyway, to access a better position, you can consider following some other courses. This will give you the chance to have a higher salary and to get a better career.

These are the main degrees suggested:

  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Science
  • Game Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Software Design
  • Software Development
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Software Testing

Tips to apply

People who can be hired are generally around 20 years old, but there are no limits. Location is not important, almost everywhere some companies search for testers. Keep in mind that they can ask for you to have some meetings in their offices maybe for reports, so it could be good to live not so far from the company. Start to explore the offers. 

In the CV underline your abilities, paying attention to the ones already listed before. Those are essential. Then mention your experience. If you don’t have it, it could be good to write down the one as a gamer, especially if you took part in some competition or you won some prizes. There are some books to help you with that.

The best sources

Would you like to earn money from now? Well, you should start to find the video game tester jobs no experience from home using some of the best sources. I list them here:

Work at Home Online Jobs – Work From Home

Work From Home Online Jobs

Get Paid To Review Apps On Your Phone

Books to start

You can easily find on Amazon some books that will help you to prepare yourself better to face the tester job requirements and challenges. With an investment of a few dollars, you can get a lot of benefits and especially a salary. I give you here a list of the best books to read to have success as a tester.

Land a Job as a Video Game Tester is a book that gives you the best hints to prepare your CV and overcome the competition for the job.

Start Your Video Game Career: Proven Advice on Jobs, Education, Interviews, and More for Starting and Succeeding in the Video Game Industry has all the answers you are searching for to become a tester.

How to Be a Game Tester: Make Big Money Playing Games! It is the guide to the video games tester career.

The World of Warcraft Diary: A Journal of Computer Game Development is good to get tips and motivation to develop video games. Maybe it can be your next step.

Video Game Careers – Ultimate Edition: Real Career Advice for Kids, Parents, and Gamers is a must to learn more and move the first steps in the video games industry.

Conclusions: make money to travel

I hope my brief guide is helpful for your decisions. My tips will open you the way to search for video game tester jobs from home and to go deep into the topic. You will earn some money to travel or just to pay your bills and build your life. Prepare yourself, apply, and earn. All game tester jobs no experience from home give a good chance to unite fun and earnings.

Try and prepare yourself to work with important companies. You can find many offers, especially because this sector grows year after year. So, catch the opportunity and use video games to make money, it is better than just play. Don’t you agree?

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