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Video animation: a great tool for bloggers

To improve my blog and to develop finally my Youtube channel, I was searching for a video animation tool. I am still a beginner, but I am learning step by step. That’s why I want to share my experience. Online there are many experts or people who feel to be master in blogging and web marketing. With simplicity, I can just tell you my discoveries. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do. If what I write is useful, take it. There is also space for questions in the comments. So I can answer some specific needs you have if I can. My knowledge is increasing step by step, but I am still a beginner.

Let’s go to the topic. Online I found different software and platforms that offer video animation. I tried free and paid plans, but finally, I came to an interesting website. It represents a cloud-based system. No download, no installation. This is something that I like. To use it there is only the login. My computer doesn’t have to reserve any space. The tool is called Viddyoze. It is a professional platform that serves big companies around the world, but a single client can manage and create videos in autonomy. I am going to explain it to you better.

Video animation with Viddyoze

The online software proposes an automated video animation. It is not required any competence or experience. You need to subscribe to choosing among various plans. After that, you get complete access to over 170 templates. There is the chance to upload images or videos and then work on them customizing. Otherwise, you can select prepared templates and add some elements, like logo, text, special effects, and so on. This platform was created by Viddyoze to help companies and marketers to promote their products or services.

Even if I don’t have to sell anything, I think that the features reserved for companies and marketing are the best. Using them for the blog content helps me to create more attractive videos. This is something I do for you. Because I want to show you my travel experiences in the best way. You will see something pleasant and you will have an overview of places, hotels, restaurants, guides, and so on. Then the internet is working more and more with videos. So this tool became important in communications. For your blog, for your sites, or just for your activity. 



The first aspect, for me very important, concerns the support. Faq and live assistance are the two ways given by Viddyoze to help the client. Then you have step-by-step instructions to select the model that suits you most. As well, you can see some tutorials about the usage of the tool. Since the subscription, you find a lot of tips to move properly and effectively on the platform. That’s why you don’t need any experience to use this tool. It was my case, now, working on the videos for the blog, I can easily create exciting products.


After registration in a second, you access directly to the personal area and you can start to work. Video animation with Viddyoze is easier. Maybe for that reason, the platform counts more than 100.000 subscribers. The owners of the platform update it often so if you decide to purchase the license, you will find always the last innovative templates. This is perfect to make your video presentations cool. Not only images but also sound and music can be added. There also many special effects that you can personalize as you want to underline some elements of your video.

Why Viddyoze?

The reasons to join Viddyoze are really a lot. Your video animation will surprise you.

The automated animation software allows you to create live-action, high-quality introductions, logo stings, social material to be shared on various networks, transitions CTAs, YouTube end-cards, and many other video projects.

A huge selection of top-quality templates prepared by professional animators, marketers, and designers.

Audio customization of the templates with prepared soundtracks or music provided and uploaded by you.

Viddyoze is compatible with any video editor. In fact, after you created the video animation you can download it as an mp4 file. So it is visible in any context.

You don’t need the computer to make your creation. The online software is perfectly compatible with mobile. So you can work from anywhere at any moment.

The platform offers a complete training area with all the instructions and tips you may need. You will make videos enjoyable and profitable.

All your work is done on the cloud and you don’t need any experience to realize the video animation.

You can use the platform when you want, it is always available. When your video animation is ready, you receive an email with the notification to download it on your device.

The available animations on the platform are ready to use. Customize them and create the video. Even a beginner like me can do it.

Viddyoze allows you to customize the animation templates as you prefer. For example, it is possible to work on the color scheme.

On your videos, you won’t have watermarks, because you have the license and each creation is yours.

You get the commercial license, so if you want to sell the video animation that you created, you can. It’s perfect for those who want to realize videos for some clients.

Viddyoze guarantees customer support 24/7. You have to wait a maximum of one business day for the answer.

video animation


Those are the reasons why I decided to join Viddyoze. Now I am working on my videos, soon you will see some other changes on my blog. Read here why and what. If you want to know more about my online experience and get tips or inspiration, check out my articles here. For more updates subscribe to my newsletter. I will send you weekly news and some special content not present on the blog.

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