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ViaBuy: 1 great solution for shopping and travels

ViaBuy is a great way to use a prepaid card as a traditional credit card. It is the best solution for your travels. Read my post to know more.

Being safe shopping online and traveling with a prepaid card. This is a reason to be worried. Thanks to ViaBuy it is possible to acquire tickets and items everywhere limiting the risks. Let’s see the features. Here you can find all that you need to know about Viabuy and its features. You will learn how to get benefits and why you should get it for your shopping online and around the world.

Traveling with ViaBuy

Traveling means to buy tickets, to make reservations, and also to buy travel gadgets. That’s why it is important to have a credit card. But, is it safe to operate online. You need always to pay attention to websites and systems used. Then if you use a prepaid card is better. It is a way to limit the risks to lose money. At least you don’t give to thieves access to all your bank account or a huge amount of money. ViaBuy is a very good solution for that.

ViaBuy: my experience

I travel quite often and this makes me happy. But I am always worried to manage money. There are risks to be avoided. That’s why I wanted a good instrument to pay while I do shopping online or I visit other countries. ViaBuy offers the proper guarantee for this. Before to tell you more about the features according to the usage, let me tell in general my experience.

I have to spend money, pay bills, and to buy some souvenirs. To prevent to put my money in danger I decided, more than 3 years ago, to apply for ViaBuy. It was exactly what I wanted and I am still satisfied. I renewed it after the first 3 years and I continue to use it.  A debit card gives me the same chances of a credit card but I easily fix the limits loading money. It is an alternative to the classical credit card. I can do my shopping and be safe for all my purchases.

Once some thieves have cloned my card and you can easily imagine the consequences. Also, you can imagine how much time I used to go back to the “normality”. Of course, I blocked it immediately, but then I started to make calls, to go to the police… I thought that a prepaid card could be a good solution. Because you can decide how much money charge and have more limits to prevent the risk. This is ViaBuy. But it is something more than a prepaid card.

My usage

I told you that I purchase tickets and items online. It is easy to buy everything with ViaBuy, no extra fees and limits by the payment systems of the various websites. But I do something more. Sometimes I go to put fuel in my car and I prefer self-service machines. This debit card is always accepted. The same happens in shops. The technology used is contactless, so if I have to spend up to 25 Euros I don’t have to digit the code or to sign anything. I just put the card close to the machine.


There are some differences between ViaBuy and the other prepaid cards. That’s why there is a fee to pay when you subscribe that is higher than the ones applied by others. You need to pay 69.90 Euros for the first 3 years, altogether. Then it will cost 19.90 per year to pay year after year. What is the plus of this product?

Advantages of ViaBuy

First of all, it has high embossed data, like a credit card. This element isn’t taken so much into consideration at the beginning, but it is so important. Why? Because this allows the card owner to use it to rent a car or to give it as a guarantee in a hotel. Car rentals and hotels do not accept prepaid cards usually because there is no credit guaranty.

I calculate the amount of money I need and then I charge it. So thanks to the high embossed numbers of ViaBuy I can easily use it for this type of transaction. The company keeps the money blocked as a guarantee. And when I pay the bill for the car rental and the one of the hotel, so the part of the money not used is again available for other payments.

Then there is a bank account connected, so I have an IBAN code. Is this useful? Well, all the money I charge on the account goes to the card. There is no separation. But this is great to put money on it. I can give the code to people who have to pay me or transfer from my primary bank account or PayPal without any fee. 

Trying the card

I went through a huge variety of cards and I noticed some problems. A low limit on the amount to charge, high costs, impossibility to use it to rent a car and so on. Finally, I found a good one: ViaBuy. The prepaid card is the best one according to criteria, among the ones I examined.

When I started to use it, I wanted to test it. So I charged like 10 Euros for a small purchase. Everything was working. I used machines to buy underground tickets, then I paid for the highway, and so on. Not everything with 10 Euros, I added more. So I tried it online and everything was working. After some uses abroad I canceled any doubt.

I have more tips and tricks for you about ViaBuy, but let me first make a resume of the main features. So I will explain something more to make you understand why you should apply for the prepaid card and how to get the maximum benefit.

ViaBuy: the features

What does it offer? This is the question you want to ask. Let me make a list of the elements.

Bank account

When you subscribe to get ViaBuy card you obtain a bank account based in Germany. It accessible online all the time you want and you can be used to receive bank transfers and to charge the card. If you have a PayPal account you know that transferring money to a bank account is free. Meanwhile from PayPal to the prepaid card, you pay a commission. Thanks to the ViaBuy account you can send money to the bank and it will go automatically to the card without any cost.

Then it is a way to send money to other people through a bank transfer. And also, any cash withdrawal is secure. Activate SMS and email notifications to monitor the card movements. Since the account is connected with the ViaBuy card there is no check on your financial history. And you don’t have fees to keep open the bank account. Learn more details here.

Load the card

There are many options to send money to your card. You can use do it through bank transfer. It requires one or two days, so if you want money immediately available there are proper methods that you can find it directly on the ViaBuy website. In this case, it might be applied a fee. It is easy to choose the way you prefer, I just suggest you check the costs, not all are free of charge.
In the same way, you can download the money from the card. For example, if you want to put some cash on your bank account, not the one is given by ViaBuy, you can do it. There is no fee and also there are no minimum limits, it is valid for any amount. The same for the maximum limits, but never higher than the ones allowed to load the card.
Click here to learn more details.

Supplementary cards

Do you want to share money with your partner or your sons? No problem, ViaBuy gives you the chance to get supplementary cards. You can order up to three secondary cards. Each of them has an annual fee of 14.90 Euros. The easiest part is given by the money transfer. You can share money between the cards in real-time.
So if in the last moment your son or your daughter asks for money, in a while you transfer the amount and it is immediately available. Keep in mind: no age limits. This means that if your sons are under 18 you can give them a ViaBuy to use for their shopping. Also if they purchase items online. And you can fix the budget. To know more details click here.

Customer service

ViaBuy offers a professional staff to answer to requests and needs of clients. You can access your account on the prepaid card website. So from the smartphone, the tablet or the computer, you can always check your account and the transactions. To monitor the real-time payments, you can choose the notification by SMS (19 Euro cent per message) or by email, for free.

On the website, there is the FAQ section with ready answers to guide you to the best use of the ViaBuy card. Then the staff answers via email directly to specific cases you present. The address is different according to the country. For example for Italy is So you can get assistance in your language. The free toll phone number is dedicated only to block the card if you lose it or if someone steals it. More details are here.

Embossed number

The Mastercard has a design with embossed numbers to give you the possibility to pay without any problems. You can use it everywhere Mastercard is accepted, online or offline. You can choose a black or gold color. All the transactions are free with some exceptions that I will tell you in the next lines.

Load the card is free how it is to transfer money to the card. What are the exceptions? The payments in foreign currency are subject to a fee: 2.75%. Also, this is something that I don’t like so much, but it is understandable and acceptable: cash withdrawal is 5 Euros. Then they apply a 1.75% commission for international bank transfers. And also they may charge a fee for the real-time load from a bank account to the ViaBuy card. To see them click here.

Companies and referrals

ViaBuy Mastercard is not only for the people but also for companies. I didn’t experience it under this aspect. But the main features are the same. Plus they add unlimited payment capability. For example, it is possible to pay the recurrent bills as Google or Facebook Ads. They customize the cards for the companies networks. Clicking here you can discover more.

Applying to get the ViaBuy card you have the chance to participate in the referral program. Clients don’t have to do anything. Each time a person applies for a card and obtain it, they give a tracking code. Then you have to promote it through any channel to earn money. For each successfully new application (the person has to charge on the card at least 90 Euros), the company recognizes 25 Euros. So if your friends or people you refer pay the fee and obtain the card becomes an income for you.

ViaBuy credit the amount directly on your card and you can use it as you want. This is a good way to earn some extra money, especially because it doesn’t cost anything.


ViaBuy benefits

Even do you don’t have any credit problems, ViaBuy doesn’t do a credit check. And neither it doesn’t care about bank history. This means that the procedure is fast. You fill the online form and pay. Then they will send the card to your address. To have it is easy, they don’t require any salary slips. It is not connected to your bank account. Plus if you have EU residence you benefit from 100% acceptance.

There is something more that you need to know. Here you can find the reasons why you should request ViaBuy.


What ViaBuy reserves to you?

  • A Mastercard card with all the functions
  • One bank account to manage online useful for any type of transaction
  • A prepaid card without any financial check and neither the requirement of an income proof
  • All the procedure is easy, fast, and online
  • In 24 hours during business days, you will get the card at home

Mastercard benefits

ViaBuy is a card by Mastercard, so you can pay without fees in over 36 million locations. When you purchase something online there is the additional CVC to secure the transaction. Then you get the notification by email or SMS. ViaBuy accepts also recurring expenses, so you can activate subscriptions with a monthly payment for example. Check out here all the elements that help you in your daily expenses.

My travel experience with ViaBuy

Travelling I charge the amount of money that I need. And I use it as a normal credit card. In case someone stole it I can block it, but there is also a limit on the amount of money. It is easy to charge it thanks to the website. ViaBuy offers all the features for safe shopping. This is what I can say because the measures to protect me and my budget are on a high level. Also, I can add ViaBuy to my traditional credit card. And put it in the wallet when I go to certain destinations. I use it also during my shopping via the internet.


Why do I like ViaBuy? Answering this question I can maybe make you understand why you have to consider this prepaid card and apply for it. Instead of writing thousands of words I can synthesize here the features that I need and that ViaBuy gives. On any trip, the card is in my wallet and it is perfect for a traveler.

  • It is safer than cash because I can block it
  • Mastercard is accepted everywhere and I can pay hotels or rent cars using it as a guarantee
  • I can pay in any currency
  • I decide the budget before to leave so I pre-load the amount I need and I want
  • In case I need more money I have the chance to charge more just via the internet

Click here and explore better the features of the card.

ViaBuy levels

You will discover more on the official website, but there is something more that you should know. It is one important aspect that I faced easily. Be prepared and you will get the maximum benefits. As I wrote there is no credit story check, but you need to demonstrate your identity. That’s why there are levels.

IDV 1 is the basic level that allows you to withdraw 100 Euros per day in cash. Sending your documents and following the procedure online you upgrade to IDV 2. This means to charge on the card a maximum of 15.000 Euros. So you can withdraw 800 Euros three times a day for a total of 2.400 Euros. If in one year you load 10.000 Euros you upgrade to IDV 3. To go deep into the topic click here.

One more tip

The cost of the card is 19,90 Euros per year, but there is one more fee in case you don’t use the card. Let me explain better. If in 12 months you don’t do any transaction (load or pay) they will charge 9,95 Euros. But I don’t think it is a problem if you apply it is because you need the card. All the details are in the prices section of the official website.

Last considerations

The company is based in Luxembourg, but they work in different countries. So you can easily apply and enter the affiliation program to earn some commissions. I suggest you take a look at the ViaBuy website. I am sure you will find a proper solution for your shopping online and offline.

If you will apply through this link I will earn a commission. This is true, but then it will be your turn to get income referring to other people. Anyway, I ask you to focus on other elements. If you are reading this post you are interested in the product. Now you have a review made by someone, me, that is using it. The next step is to check directly the official website. So you will see better all the details according to your needs.

What is the risk? None. You can apply if you want it, otherwise, you won’t spend anything. And you will be aware that ViaBuy isn’t what you want.

Let me specify something more. If you apply for the card you have 21 days to change your mind. You will send it back and you will be refunded for the fee paid. Then you have, without refund, to withdraw from the contract at any moment just writing a message to ViaBuy company. Try it, as I did for the first period. In its kind, it is the best product on the market. Believe me. I do shopping online and offline, plus I travel a lot and I am completely satisfied with it.

If you want more tips about money management while you travel, check out my posts. To get more updates and extra contents subscribe to my newsletter.


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  • Thanks for the tips. Very useful.
    BTW, just to let you know... whenever I click to read your post or put a comment, some ads just popped up. It is a bit annoying because they just appear even when I did not click the add but your post or your comment box. I hope you can address this problem. I think others might have the same problem too, so please check. Thanks much!

    • Thanks a lot for mentioning it. I was doing some experiments with ads, also to decide what and how to do it to not exaggerate. Maybe I did something wrong. I check and I see what's the problem and I hope to solve it, if it is related to my settings.

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