Venice without tourists

It is almost impossible to go around Venice without finding some tourists, but most of them are concentrated in St Mark’s Square, on Rialto Bridge, and in front of the main attractions. If you walk for few steps from the famous monuments and museum you can see completely different places, where only inhabitants are present. There are very nice areas, just not known and mentioned by the tourist guides.

I have to say that unfortunately, the city became very expensive for who is living there and also it is not easy to maintain the buildings especially because of the water that threatens the basement of the constructions. So there are different abandoned buildings and this is for sure sad. Anyway, you can see very beautiful corners around the less tourist Venice.

Close to the bridge ”Tre Archi” there is San Giobbe, a church made in Gothic-Renaissance style, that offers important treasure, especially because inside are conserved very important paintings. Another not well-known but interesting church to be seen is Chiesa della Madonna dell’Orto, very nice for its decorations. As you know Italy is full of churches and Venice is not an exception, but if you are ready to see some of them I also suggest, inside Sestiere di Castello the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo. Not only the building is amazing, but also the environment because it is one of the quietest and lovely areas of the city, where beauty and simplicity are the leitmotivs.

A walk in the part called Giudecca is a must, especially during the sunset, where the colors of the buildings and the lagoon are in their maximum splendor. In the neighborhood, you can also visit, if you love photography, Fondazione Tre Oci. Another place to be visited is Gheto Vechio, the Jewish Ghetto. It is known, but rarely is full of tourists and it offers lovely architecture.

You can also just start to walk in the opposite direction of tourists, like from St Mark’s Square to Sestiere Castello and after few minutes you will start to see quiet corners and from that point, you will start randomly to discover the real Venice and the hidden art and architecture treasures. You will start to see the inhabitants and you can get in touch with them. They are kind and friendly people but all the time they try to keep out from the tourist areas.

There are also some restaurants where generally you do not find foreigners and visitors. One of them, that I liked a lot, is Osteria Santa Marina, located in Castello Area, a nice and refined place where to taste the traditional food revisited by the chef that combine with great ability the old local recipes with an innovative and tasty touch. Fish and pasta are the main dishes, but you can find soups and meat as well in various menus.

As always the best way to discover a city is to dedicate a bit of time to the main monuments and museums and then to go out from the main areas to see how is really the place and how the people live. You can know the culture and understand the reality.

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