Venice, where luxury is a tradition

Have you evere seen the movie ”The tourist”? It is an American romantic thriller realized in 2010 and the protagonists are Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. The location at the beginning is Paris, but the main part of the film is realized in Venice, one of my favourites cities. I like those kind of movies based on international thriller stories, but I am mentioning the film because I am in Venice now and it came to my mind.

The hotel used by Jolie and Depp when they arrived in the city was Hotel Danieli, a five star accomodation hoste in a 14th century building close to Saint Mark’s Square. It is one of the best hotels in Venice, but the difference between this one and the other structures is the tradition. History and luxury are combined together to show the typical hopsitality of the Veneto’s capital.

It is an hotel since 1822 and Danieli keeps uncahnged the essence of the service, oriented to take care of the guest in each request and need. This is one of the elements to be considered for the choice. Of course the great position in front of the lagoon, in the heart of the city is important, but to stay at Hotel Danieli meens sleep in the history and use one of the rooms or of the suites furnished with ancient furniture and artworks represented by precious paintigs and sculptures.

The Venetian art is the leitmotiv for the rooms and the common spaces, but the modern equipment is guarantee as well to satisfy the needs of the clients. Inside there are bars and restaurants to offer a great taste of the local and the Mediterranean cuisine, but the real jewel is the Terrazza Danieli, a beautiful and spacious terrace from where admire the lagoon drinking a cocktail during sunset or to have a special dinner.

The elegance is the real expression of the luxury inside all hotel, everything is lived with class, style and sobriety. Staying at Danieli you can follow the steps of many famous actors, not only Jolie and Depp, but also Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, John Ruskin and before writers like Goethe and Dickens or musicians like Wagner, important people like Peggy Guggeheim and many others.

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