Vegan luxury shoes
Vegan luxury shoes

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The Italian brand “Nemanti” is the first one to produce luxury vegan shoes. It is the demonstration that it is possible to do business without damage humans, animals and environment.

The experience started in 2005, when Paola Caracciolo, the owner, opened her company working on the principles of cruelty free. She wanted to meke the different among the enterprises with an ethic proposal and in eight years she founded Opificio V, a small company based on the cooperation with the best shoes artisans. The values of the products are the research of green raw material and the design.

The idea works very well and Mrs. Caracciolo meet Gianluca Menghini, who become partner in Opificio V. It’s the first step to the way to an international success, because they became the first vegan shoes luxury brand in Italy. The company it’s well known not only inside the national borders, but as well abroad. Their products find space in the most important shops in different countries.

In 2016 arrive the third partner: Sebastiano Cossia Castiglioni, entrepreneur and investor in vegan sector. He gives the support to the brand in order to make it cosmopolitan. Opificio V became Nemanti, with a different image, created to be attractive on the foreign market and to promote better the vegan shoes. Now Nemanti is growing up fastly.


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Vegan luxury shoes
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