van dyck in turin

Van Dyck in Turin

These days I had the chance to see marvelous paintings. I visited the exhibition dedicated to Van Dyck in Turin. The famous artist who lived in the 17th century was doing portraits of many important people and European royal families. Among those artworks, he did also some other masterpieces, where landscapes and people are combined in a triumph of colors and details. For instance, I love to see textiles with bright colors and folds. The colors give light to the Flemish paintings.

van dyck in turin

The Royal Palace of the city host the exposition, this event is in Galleria Sabauda. Entering the building you have to cross the courtyard and the beautiful park. It is like going through history. Van Dyck in Turin offers a huge quantity of artworks. There are 45 canvases and 21 engravings, also one painting signed by Rubens. So we can consider it as an important exhibition. You can really go deep into the Flemish painter’s life. Also if you are not passionate about this artistic period.

Royal Palace park in Turin

Van Dyck in Turin: the world in one city

Antoon Van Dyck in Turin represents one of the best exhibition for the painter. The organizers collected a lot of artworks coming from museums, art galleries, and private collections from all over the world. Paintings come mainly from Europe and the USA and they are very well selected. What I like also about this event is that they put together, for some of the masterpieces, more versions made by Van Dyck. He did it for different reasons, but it is nice to read their history and to know how he worked on some portraits. Therefore visit the exhibition is like a lesson.

van dyck in turin

Somehow we can say that he was, as a revolutionary artist about portraits, the precursor of the selfie. Of course, he was catching the others, but he worked a lot on the main aspects of the portrait. He took care of the pose of the character, the expression, the scenery, and the smallest details. Van Dyck in Turin can make visitors aware of the message given by a portrait. Because it is not only a way to see a face, but it is much more. With a picture or a painting, we show all that a person is.  You can admire his art and get inspiration for your selfies. So this is a way to read history or his artworks.

van dyck in turin

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  1. Many thanks, David! I love art too and when I have time I visit exhibitions. I am happy that you enjoyed it. I will share more, I was a bit unsure about the topic, but your comment gives me motivation.

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