useful travel backpacks

Useful travel backpacks

When I travel I have always many things with me. Most of the times I have to add to clothes and accessories something related to my job. Other times I have some items that help me to enjoy more my trip. So I need in my wardrobe some useful travel backpacks ready for different journeys.  I can’t renounce to my laptop, then on a plane, I have always hand luggage with some clothes and toiletries in case my suitcase will be lost.

If I go out for a short trip in nature I need to choose among the useful travel backpacks a small one. Why? To put a bottle of water, a sweater, an umbrella, and a few other things. Answering to whom asked me advice about the backpack to buy for a trip I decided to write this post with some tips coming from my experience as a traveler. Even during my luxury trips, I have always a backpack because it is practical for any movement, also inside an airport.

useful travel backpacks

Useful travel backpacks: how to choose the best one

Are you going to travel or are you searching for a gift for someone who loves to travel? This post is made for you? I am going to help you, with some advice, in finding the best option on the market. Because experience is important to select the adapt bags. Before I mentioned that I have more useful travel backpacks at home. There are a lot of models and I need a different type of luggage according to the type of trip.

Trendy backpack

Fashion and design are as important as much comfort? Well, so size, weight, and space are not the only criteria you need to search for. Maybe you need a bag that will look fashionable also on Instagram. I can suggest a couple of objects. Both of them can answer to your needs.

1. Fjallraven is the classic bag, especially to take around a laptop. It is practical and functional and it contains also accessories and cables, thanks to an external pocket.

useful travel backpack

2. Herschel is one of the coolest and useful travel backpacks, elegant, with space for the laptop, and magnetic strap closures with metal pin clips. The bag has an internal media pocket with a headphone port. Therefore it is perfect for your tech devices.

useful travel backpacks

Trekking backpacks

Trendy is nice, but it depends on what you need. If you like the adventure and if you need useful travel backpacks for trekking, forget the previous ones. Choose something practical and functional, a bag that can contain all the necessary for your trip. Just one recommendation: don’t buy a trekking backpack for a trendy woman. She will never appreciate.

The variety of useful travel backpacks for trekking is huge, but also the variety of prices is really big. That’s why you need to focus on your goals and on the budget. Amazon offers many types of items, it is surely the proper place where to do your research. There are many sizes so you can select the best one according to the type of trip. Don’t forget: pick the lightest backpack, because of the weight policies on planes. Also because you will carry it on your back during your journey.

My selection

1. AmazonBasics is perfect for hiking and camping. It is made of durable polyester.

useful travel backpacks

2. Sunvp 50L is made with nylon and it is water resistant. This backpack is one of the most equipped for any condition. There are different pockets and the quality is very high. Because resistance is an important feature.

3. Mountaintop 40L is good for camping. It has 6 adjustable straps. The advantage concern the respect of the airline policies about the size.

useful travel backpacks

4. Mountaintop 55L/65L is bigger than the previous, then it has a lot of pockets and it is water resistant. The design guarantee comfort on the back. In this way, you can bring it everywhere without efforts.

useful travel backpacks

5. Teton Sports Scout 3400 offers many professional features. It is versatile and you can customize it easily in order to answer to your specific needs. The quality is high.

useful travel backpacks

6. Venture Pal Daypack is an item, among the useful travel backpacks, that you can use for a daily trip. There are many compartments, it is also capable, durable, and comfortable. But, of course, it compact, so adapt only for short journeys.

useful travel backpacks

I hope you found something interesting or at least that you will get inspired. Therefore you can buy directly the backpack you prefer. If you are searching a gift for a traveler, or other items for your trips, read my guide.

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  1. Great ideas! We also carry a folding backpack. We use it for souvenir shopping as well as a place to hold our travel lumbar pillows. While we don’t yet have a favorite brand, we are open to suggestions!

  2. Yes, I didn’t mention in the article, but a backback is surely helful to carry souvenirs. I used some brands and that’s why I decided to list them. Their product are really good. I hope you can be inspired by my selection.

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