What should I pack for a week away?

Spend a few days out especially for a holiday is nothing. A week allows you to see more and to do more. Anyway, if you will spend 7 days out you need to prepare properly your luggage. You should follow the same rule: travel light. This has to be your goal for every travel. More time you will be far from home and more things you will carry. According to the number of days, I suggest you use a hand suitcase too. Put inside what you need for a couple of days, it is helpful if your luggage will be lost at the airport.

Be careful to choose the appropriate cabin baggage. Because each airline has different policies for weight and size. Check out the recommendations that the company gives you when you buy your ticket. Otherwise, you will spend more money during boarding and maybe they will oblige you to put your cabin bag in the aircraft hold. My advice then is to roll clothes and to use packing cubes to save space, so there won’t be many problems for the luggage size.

Let me keep the list separated for a better understanding.

Clothes for a week:

  1. 8 tops (shirtsT-shirtstanks…);
  2. cardigan or 1 hoodie, even both, but it depends on the season;
  3. 4 pairs of pants or shorts, or skirts, for a woman is good also to have a dress;
  4. 7 pairs of socks and 7 underwear (bras included). it is good to calculate one per day;
  5. pajama;
  6. jacket, if winter or cold season it can be a heavy coat or a blazer.

Shoes for a week:

  1. 1 pair for the travel on the plane, so comfortable shoes to survive keeping them hours;
  2. 1 pair for excursions at your destination;
  3. 1 pair for an elegant evening out, for ladies high heels can be suggested;
  4. 1 pair of flip flops if the hotel doesn’t provide them;
  5. 1 pair of boots for ladies.

Jewelry and cosmetics:

you should know what to take, but do not exaggerate. In the week around the world, it is not necessary to have all the items and products with you. Save space and take the essentials.


  1. razor;
  2. comb or hairbrush;
  3. contacts case;
  4. glasses;
  5. toothbrush;
  6. shampoobody wash;
  7. conditioner
  8. deodorant;
  9. toothpaste;
  10. face wash;
  11. lotion;
  12. contact solution;
  13. conditioner;
  14. tinted moisturizer;
  15. hair smoother;
  16. hairbrush;
  17. lipstick;
  18. loofah;
  19. eye cream;
  20. hand cream;
  21. antiperspirant;
  22. monthly “lady” items;
  23. curling iron or flat iron;
  24. heat protectant;
  25. hairspray;
  26. hair elastics/bobby pins;
  27. nail disposable file (don’t use the metal and glass ones for airport security reasons);

Don’t forget to put liquids in small bottles and to respect the limit: 100ml. Regarding the necessary for shower maybe you find all that you need in the hotel. As you saw there are items for men, ladies and both. You will decide for yourself, among those objects, the things not to forget when traveling.

Personal items:

  1. phone;
  2. tablet;
  3. headphones;
  4. kindle;
  5. books;
  6. camera
  7. umbrella;
  8. laptop plus their chargers;
  9. Universal travel adapter;
  10. home keys;
  11. boarding pass;
  12. documents;
  13. reservations receipts;
  14. cash;
  15. credit cards.

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