What should I pack for a long weekend away?

What should I pack for a long weekend away?

The first rule you should follow, especially for the weekend is to travel light. Don’t use a big bag and don’t put inside all the wardrobe. You will be away for two or three nights, it doesn’t make sense to take a lot of clothes. Then if you travel by plane pay attention to the airline policies for the cabin suitcase. I suggest you prefer hand luggage and nothing more. Keep in mind the size and weight allowed by the company.

Packing List for the weekend:

  1. a pair of comfortable shoes for all the travel;
  2. one pair of jeans or chinos;
  3. two tops (shirtsT-shirt or tank);
  4. one dress for ladies;
  5. universal travel adapter;
  6. microfiber travel towel in case you are not sleeping in the hotel;
  7. three sets of underwear;
  8. one bra;
  9. one pajama;
  10. Kindle or books (it is better the digital version to save space);
  11. passport and any other travel documents;
  12. wallet, credit card, and cash;
  13. battery pack for phone;
  14. camera;
  15. headphones;
  16. toiletries: non-liquids (razorcombcontacts caseglasses, and toothbrush) and liquids (shampoobody wash if there isn’t in the hotel, conditionertoothpasteface washdeodorantlotioncontact solutionconditionertinted moisturizerhair smootherdeodoranthairbrush, lipstick).

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