What should I pack for a 3-day trip?

Pack for 3 days is harder than to prepare the suitcase for 10 days. Because you have to select carefully clothes and think about all the options with less space. Travel lighter is anyway better. At the beginning I was trying to carry on all the wardrobe to be ready for any occasion, then I learned how to select and use small luggage. It doesn’t matter if you use a bag, a suitcase or a backpack. Principles are the same.

There are things not to forget when traveling. You should start with them because when you put clothes you forget the other stuff. Time to time, you have to use a scale to measure the weight of the suitcase. If you want to be prepared keep in mind that you can find sun and rain too. To keep ordered the clothes use some cubes to separate them. If you read the following answers to questions in the post you will find more tips on how to roll clothes to save space.

Step by step you can choose what to pack. The outfit. Focus on the journey, you will be seated on a plane, moving inside airports. So you will need something comfortable to stay around for hours before to arrive at your destination. Even if it is summer get a light jacket, it may help you to face air-conditioned airports and hot sun outside. Prefer jeans, zipper pockets and something where to store wallet, mobile, documents, boarding pass, and the accessories you need during the transfer.

Layers can be useful, so it will be easier to combine colors and to be ready for any weather change. Anyway, take only what you need. Even if you want to be fashionable, don’t exaggerate. The best solution for shoes is to have one pair for the whole trip, but if you need something elegant, keep a comfortable one for the journey and the other one for the holiday. Don’t forget to take flip flops if your hotel doesn’t provide them.

About devices, take the ones you need. Smartphone and kindle should be enough. Keep them in a pocket of your bag or backpack where you can easily take them out. Of course, if you need as well a tablet or the laptop you will put them in the suitcase, but consider that you will be out only for three days. So if your trip is for leisure, use it for this purpose. In general, avoid unnecessary things. Let’s go to see the list you should follow to pack:

  1. 2 pairs of pants (one for the plane and one to use at your destination);
  2. tops (one to wear during the transfer from home to destinations and two for the time spent there);
  3. sweater or light jacket (if it is not winter or cold, it is better to have with you something in case the weather change. You can use it at the airport to protect you from too much air condition);
  4. pajama;
  5. scarf (especially in Autumn and Winter);
  6. 3 pair of underwear;
  7. 3 pair of socks;
  8. toiletries: non-liquids (razorcombcontacts caseglasses, and toothbrush) and liquids (shampoobody wash if there isn’t in the hotel, conditionertoothpasteface washdeodorantlotioncontact solutionconditionertinted moisturizerhair smootherdeodoranthairbrush, lipstick);
  9. personal items: phonetabletcamerakindlebooksumbrellalaptop plus their chargersUniversal travel adapter, home keys, boarding pass, documents, reservations receipts, cash, credit cards.

The things not to forget when traveling isn’t so many. Anyway, if you want to save some space for souvenirs, separate the clothes. Yes, put some in the suitcase and prepare hand luggage to be sure in case the checked one will be lost. Put in the bag that will you take a pair of pants, a top, the pajama, underwear, and socks. I suggest you prefer multitasking items so you will pack less. This is the goal, not only for airline policies but for your comfort. 


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