What should I pack for 4 nights away?

You are going to have a short trip, so you can’t carry too much, but be ready for all the situation. It is always good to mix clothes for adventure and something elegant. Mostly depends on the holiday you organized, but even a relaxed weekend on a beach can be added to romantic dinners in special places. Anyway, let’s see what you should put in your luggage. The following ones are the things not to forget when traveling.

In the luggage you have to store:

  1. A pair of jeans for the journey to be comfortable on the plane and a pair of elegant trousers. It is good to have a skirtshorts, it depends on you;
  2. four T-shirtstops or shirts coordinated with the bottom clothes;
  3. rain jacket or a heavy one in case you are going to a cold place;
  4. two or maximum of three pairs of shoes. Among them you can include flip flops to use in your hotel room;
  5. two or three pairs of socks and undergarments;
  6. pajama or a nightgown;
  7. gym suit to be comfortable for adventure and excursions or some morning running;
  8. toiletries: non-liquids (razorcombcontacts caseglasses, and toothbrush) and liquids (shampoobody wash if there isn’t in the hotel, deodorant, conditionertoothpasteface washdeodorantlotioncontact solutionconditionertinted moisturizerhair smootherhairbrushlipstick);
  9. personal items: phonetabletkindlebooksumbrellalaptop plus their chargerscameraUniversal travel adapter, home keys, boarding pass, documents, reservations receipts, cash, credit cards.

These are things not to forget when traveling for four days. With this list, you are ready for your trip. To find out the items you may need I suggest you check out my shopping advice, my Amazon Store with my selection of travel products and AliExpress.

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