How to pack for holidays?

How to pack for holidays? Let’s answer this important question. Take time to prepare the suitcase, even a few days before the departure. It is helpful to not forget something. Then follow these steps:

  1. write down a list, it might be boring, but it is useful. Divide what is necessary from that is just desirable. Keep in mind the airline policies on the size and weight of luggage;
  2. put in the bag a first aid kit. You won’t become a doctor, but you will be ready for a cold or if you will have a small cut on your finger. Take with you the essentials;
  3. avoid liquids and for shampoo, gel douche, and toiletries use small containers. Maximum allowed is 100 ml per item;
  4. write name and address on the name tags for each suitcase. Including the hand luggage. It helps in case you have difficulties to recognize it and if the airline company lose it;
  5. read carefully the baggage restrictions to choose the proper one;
  6. keep space for the souvenirs. If the bag is already full when you leave, for your return it will be hard to add the items bought during the trip;
  7. never exaggerate with shoes, they need a lot of space. For 8-15 days it’s enough to have two or three pairs;
  8. cosmetics and not so important, especially if you will go on a desert island. Don’t carry too much the baggage;
  9. roll the clothes. Maybe you are not sure about it, but your safe space and you keep them ordered, without folds;
  10. put valuable items in the hand luggage, it’s better to have them under control;
  11. bring adapters at the destination to plug and recharge your devices. This is one of the most important things not to forget when traveling;
  12. fashion is great, but consider that for some excursions you will need practical and comfortable clothes;
  13. if you have something fragile, wrap it properly. There is a high risk to break it;
  14. divide the clothes into categories. Shirts with shirts and pants with pants. It is easier to unpack;
  15. preparing the hand luggage think of the suitcase. If it will be lost, you will need to have something to wear. Put underwear, a T-shirt and a pair of trousers;
  16. check the weather forecast and be ready to changes, especially if your stay will last more days;
  17. avoid manicure set in hand luggage, it’s prohibited by the laws;
  18. on the top put all the items you may need immediately or urgently;
  19. if you choose a budget accommodation check what you need. It could be necessary to have some towels in the bag;
  20. pay attention to your wear and the devices, keep everything ready for the airport. You will need to strip for security control;
  21. check the luggage many times you want. It’s important to be sure to have all the essentials.

These are the main things not to forget when traveling.

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