What should I pack for 4 nights away?

You are going to have a short trip, so you can’t carry too much, but be ready for all the situation. It is always good to mix clothes for adventure and something elegant. Mostly depends on the holiday you organized, but even a relaxed weekend on a beach can be added to romantic dinners in special places. Anyway, let’s see…


What should I pack for a 3-day trip?

Pack for 3 days is harder than to prepare the suitcase for 10 days. Because you have to select carefully clothes and think about all the options with less space. Travel lighter is anyway better. At the beginning I was trying to carry on all the wardrobe to be ready for any occasion, then I learned how to select and…


What should I bring on vacation?

What should I bring on vacation? This question is the same every time we need to pack. Isn’t it? Here there is an answer. Mostly it depends on you and on the type of holiday you organized. To answer this question I am going to list items that usually people forget at home. They are important but often not considered. 1. PHONE…


How to pack for holidays?

How to pack for holidays? Let’s answer this important question. Take time to prepare the suitcase, even a few days before the departure. It is helpful to not forget something. Then follow these steps: write down a list, it might be boring, but it is useful. Divide what is necessary from that is just desirable. Keep in mind the airline policies…

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