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Spa or hammam? Maybe both

What to do in Bursa after a pleasant walk in the city center on Sunday? Enjoy a relaxation treatment. I went to the luxury Shine Spa, located inside Sheraton Bursa Hotel, few steps from my accomodation. They have a fitness center open 24/7 plus a Sauna and Hamam, together with a swimming pool and different treatments to give peace and energy.

The interesting element that you meet inside Shine is the combination about the tipical western spa, with international standards, and the Turkish hammam, with its traditions. Reserve a way through the two types of wellness treatments helps the person to reconcile with oneself and with life. It is a great experience and a full immersion in the silence, in the relax to brighten the mood.

The ritual is personalized according to the guest status and wish, in order to make him to enjoy completely the experience. The setting of the spa is modern with a luxury style, where each place has its space to mantain the privacy. Some windows facilitate the outside view and a communication between some of the rooms, as the pools and the relaxation area.

The hammam is different, it is a good example of luxury of course, but inside the architecture used is quite traditional, with a small touch of modernity. Around the structure the peace is the queen and also this element help the guest to feel good in each room. The professional and kind staff took care of me in each stage and after few hours there I felt as a new person. Now I am ready to start a new week, after a dinner and a sleep of course.


A relaxing moment in the Turkish Hamam

During a trip to have some relax is always a need, especially when there is the chance to get a spa treatment. When you are in Turkey to go to an Hamam is almost a must. It is part of the local culture and even if it has origin from a Roman’s habit, the Turkish version is for sure quite particular and designed with a unique style. You have a good number of options to choose among massages and water treatments.

There are different places where to have relax in Istanbul, but one of the best is for sure Ayasofya Hürrem Sultan Hamam, located between the two main attractions: Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. It was built in 16th century under the volition of Hürrem Sultan, the wife of the Ottoman ruler Süleyman the Magnificent. The great architecture gives a show of the magnificent style and the opulence of the Ottoman emperors, but of course in recent years the structure was renovated.

Luxurious massages and different treatments are helping the guests to conquest a very high level of relaxation. It is like to reborn when you finish your day in the Hamam. Of course during the hours spent inside there is always the opportunity to have a break in Mihri Cafe & Restaurant, the offer delicious meals and some very good Turkish tea. Reserving a treatment you can always choose different packages, all of them really full of options and interesting offers.


The luxury meeting in Istanbul

Istanbul is always ready to meet the needs of businessmen, especially the ones who are searching for the luxury. The gentlemen’s club Le Baron is the perfect location for a work meeting. It has a bar, a restaurant and a very comfortable lounge where to taste a glass of wine or a whiskey and smoke a cigar. They have a great selection of French wines and liquors, the best brands in the world.

The ideal situation is to spend some hours there, maybe fixing more meetings or just a long one, so it is possible to try all the services provided by a discrete and professional staff. You can start drinking in the lounge and then have a dinner with some international dishes like the Parmesan risotto and the Le Baron steak. Really superb in the presentation of the plate and in the taste.

At the end of the week in the evening there is a jazz concert and meanwhile guests are drinking something, a professional band plays. The restaurant has a terrace overlooking outside the mall, but of course it is mainly for the warm season. The setting is quite modern with some classical touch for a complete elegant style, as it is in the most famous and old clubs around Europe.

To be there is a privilege.