Turin for a luxury happy hour

Turin for a luxury happy hour: a delicious experience

The city was the first capital of Italy and it has been the headquarter of the royal family during the Italian kingdom and that, united to the mentality of the inhabitants, produced a sober luxury. Elegance is visible in the map, in the buildings and as well in the main bars and restaurants. Turin is offering the tradition together with the innovation. There are different places where to have a good service and where to find good quality food and drinks. Turin for a luxury happy hour is a must. It is also a good place for chocolate.

In last years many people started to enjoy the happy hour: they go to have a drink in a bar before dinner time and for an higher price they can have unlimited food as snacks. If you are in the city there are different bars ready to use the same treatment, but not all of them are giving luxury and high quality service. One of my favourites bar is called Norman. It is located in the very centre of Turin, few steps from the main square.

It is old, but renewed in the setting with a modern furniture well integrated with the historical building. It was founded at the beginning of XIX century and it hosted the foundation of Torino Football Club, one of the two main teams of the city. It has also a restaurant and at any time, even just ordering a coffee at the table, the waiter comes with a big (as all the table) silver dish with different snacks very well prepared by the cook.

As appetizers during the happy hour they bring salads, salami, meat, french fries, pasta, vegetables cooked in different ways, some canape and many other succulent recipes, also sweet like fruit salads and cakes. The menu change according to the season and to the inspiration of the chef. The service is perfect, with kind and discrete waiters and you can spend all the time ou want seated at the table, without any pressure.

The quality offered by the food, the service and the settings suits very well the price asked. Consider Turin for a luxury happy hour.

Try it!

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