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Welcome to my blog! This is the starting point, now you can explore my trips and much more. Traveling around the world is my passion and, if you are here, this is what we have in common. Don’t you agree? Well, this is just the first page, it is full of posts waiting for you.

Trip descriptions and impressions, travel tips, hotels and items’ reviews are here. They are together with guides, some of them made in PDF to download. Also, you can find here something more, useful for you that wants traveling around the world. I prepared a selection of offers and deals and also some posts about how to “make money to travel”. It is about some ideas related to legal, online and offline activities.

You can easily see the various sections of my blog in the menu. But let me guide you and help you to find the posts you are searching for.

Traveling around the world: get inspired

While you decide what to read keep in mind my goal. Help you in preparing your trips. I won’t organize your tour, but I will inspire you. Then I will give you suggestions, my opinions about transports, places, hotels, restaurants and so on. After that, I will tell about packing, booking, and buying tickets or items you may need. This blog is a mate for your trips. Traveling around the world has to be a pleasant experience. That’s why you can find a lot of resources here. 

Let’s start. What do you want to know?

Last posts

traveling around the world last posts

If you want to see directly my updates, this is what you will like. Opening this page you will access the last articles I wrote. It’s the list of posts by date. All the topics are treated together, articles one by one.

Get inspired by countries

traveling around the world countries

All the countries I visited are here. You can find inspiration for reading my posts. They are guides about cities, places to see with all my impressions and tips. If you don’t see the country you are planning to visit, don’t worry. More will be present soon. I am traveling around the world often and adding more content. I will cover other places. Give me just the time to write down my experience.

Tips for you

traveling around the world tips

Traveling around the world is funny but hard. Especially if you are not used to doing it. Thanks to my experience made traveling around the world I can help you. Here there are a lot of tips to help you in planning your trips. You will learn what to do, what to pack, how to save money in searching for flights and so on. Read the posts and improve your travel experience. There are also guides for extra activities to earn money to travel. So you will know how to increase your income and start to explore the world.

Sleeping, eating, traveling

traveling around the world reviews

Are you searching for accommodation at your destination or a special restaurant to go while you stay in the place chosen for your holidays? Here I prepared a lot of reviews based on my direct experience traveling around the world. From budget to luxury. You will find here also some impressions about airlines and transports. It can be good to know something more before to book. You will get the most from your trips.

Saving and buying

traveling around the world gadgets

To live a good time at your destination, you will need some items. A professional camera, a travel pillow, a voice translator or something else will be useful. Traveling around the world I took note of my needs and step by step I started to buy and put in my suitcase some objects. Here there is the review. I have something more for you. A list of deals to get special prices or unique deals for your holidays. In this section, you will find the chance to save money.


traveling around the world gadgets

Here tips and trips go visual to make your experience on the blog more pleasant. It is a way to get direct information and then you can read posts to go deep. This is one of the new elements of My Anasa. I got the idea while traveling around the world. Check out if you like.

Writing online

traveling around the world blogging

Traveling around the world is what I do and I propose here. But there is one more thing. To create, improve, and maintain the blog I have to work on content creation, promotion, site design, and so on. I am just a beginner, but you can follow my online experience and get benefits from it.

Reading books and articles, listening to experts’ interviews and so on I missed one thing. A beginner who was sharing simple tips in an understandable language. This is what I do here. Sharing what I learn easily. Why? Because experts sometimes forget their beginnings and they don’t tell you all the tricks. Also, not all of their advice is applicable. So here it’s all about blogging, sources, tools, and tips.

Enjoy my posts!


traveling around the world Infobus

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