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Traveler’s items: best deals

From when I started to use AliExpress, I spend almost every day some time on the web. To do what? Searching for some traveler’s items that can be useful for my trips. You know, at the beginning of my travel experience, I was all the time preparing the luggage at the last moment. Every time I forgot something at home. Now, I wait for the last minute as well, but I have always what I need. Why? Because I wrote a list that I use when I prepare the suitcase. Do you want a copy: click here and download it for free.

Of course, you can personalize it as you need. But there is also a second reason why I am well equipped with any travel I do. It is called AliExpress. Online shopping platform offers a lot of traveler’s items at good conditions. Special prices are often applied. They send the object fast to your address. The quality is good and you can also access the support given by the staff. Since the company has a huge variety of products, I can easily find what I need and also to get inspired by some objects present in the online shop.

Traveler’s items: my selection

I won’t annoy you with my shopping experience, but I want to share some information about the products I bought. This to answer to who of you time to time write me asking some suggests and to who is searching for some objects for the trip. The list I am going to present you in the following lines is due not only to my purchase but also to the prices. Yes because I found traveler’s items for a very cheap rate. There are big discounts so you can purchase exactly what you need for your trips around the world for a few dollars.

So I share here 10 products that I bought on AliExpress to improve the quality of my travels. Yes, I want to be always ready and equipped for any situation. When I am far from home and in places isolated or without certain services, I have a particular need for traveler’s items. Actually, the selection I prepared contains every type of object. I am sure you will get inspired or you will follow my steps buying them on the platform. Let’s go to the list.

The list

The first of the traveler’s items I bought is the portable silicone lotion soap dispenser. It offers a solution to have with you always some soap or shampoo. You can wash when the accommodation doesn’t provide this material. The hand sanitizer bathroom accessories. Click here to see the item and to get a special price. Only $0,88 with 29% off.

traveler's items

Portable Silicone Lotion Soap Dispenser Pump Soap Bottle Travel Soft Package Shampoo Shower Hand Sanitizer Bathroom Accessories

In my suitcase can’t miss the transparent waterproof PVC travel accessories scrub storage. It helps to pack and to save space, but also to keep safe the content. You can go everywhere and stay away for the time you want, you will need this traveler’s item. Click here to see it. AliExpress proposes this product with a discount of 30%. Only 0.41USD.

traveler's items

Transparent Waterproof PVC Travel Accessories Scrub Storage Cloth Protection For Women And Men Portable Packing Organizer Bags

For emergency or camping, you may need a mini portable aluminum alloy led flashlight. It is compact so you can easily keep it in your pocket for any type of trip. This is one of the most important traveler’s items. You can have it for 0.70USD, with a discount of 41%. Click here to see the object.

traveler's items9leds mini portable aluminum alloy led flashlight glare pocket torch waterproof flashlight for camping travel emergency by 3*AAA

A credit card holder wallet is a must because it has two important features. It keeps safe the cards. Then it is made to simplify to you the way to extract the card when you need. This product is anti thieves. Clicking here you will get all the information about this item. It costs 1.99 USD thanks to 50% off.


traveler's items5PCS/Set RFID Anti Credit Card Holder Wallet Business ID Card Protection NFC Travel Portable Waterproof Holder Bank Card Case

Never forget a password lock copper cipher for bags. It doesn’t matter what you have at home. Check out often the new models to improve the safety of your luggage. Thieves are always updated, so it’s better to use the last innovations. Click here to see one of the bests on the market. It costs 3.92 USD, it has a discount of 30%.

traveler's itemsPassword Locks Copper Cipher Lock Bags Secret Code Gym Dedicated Travel Outdoor Tent Cabinet Drawer Metal Padlock High Quality

Imagine being in a place where people don’t speak English or the languages you know. How can you ask directions or a sandwich? Easy, you can do it with the voice translator 68 languages. It is really useful and the price is cheap. Only 61USD, thanks to the 53% off. Click here to see all the features.

traveler's items

Voice translator 68 Languages English Japanese Korean French Russian German Chinese Spanish translation Travel translator White

Let me show you a luxury item. I like it a lot and I want to valorize my laptop traveling. It is a cow leather 14inch notebook backpack men for traveling. The cost, thanks to a 28% discount, 760,32USD, but it worths a lot. Protect the laptop from hits and it is really elegant. Click here to know all the details. 

traveler's itemsCow Leather 14inch Notebook Backpack Men For Travelling Fashion Cool School Backpack Bags For Boys Anti Theft Laptop Backpack


For a daily trip in nature or for adventure travel, you will need a water bottle. Fill it with water or with energy drink and drink in the desert, in the mountains or wherever you want. The price is only 5.16USD and it has a 44% discount. Click here to see the features.  

traveler's itemsVOZRO Gel Cup Foldable Outdoor Sport Portable Kettle Go Out Travel Aquarius water bottle my drink. Botella de agua mamadeira


If the trip is long it’s better to have a backpack large capacity. It has to be spacious and light. Clicking here you can find exactly this type of product. The model is casual and strong. The price is 19.14USD and you can use it everywhere to take with you all what you need.


traveler's items

New Men’s Backpack Casual Travel Canvas Backpack Large Capacity Student Bag

What about if it starts to rain. The solution you have traveling is to take with you a unisex travel raincoat. It protects you, it is light and compact. Put it in your pocket and be safe from the rain. The price is just 29.90USD. Click here to see it.

traveler's itemsTravel raincoat, adult thickening, men and women waterproof ride, transparent Korean fashion is not one-time.

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