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Travel trends: the revolution

What are the travel trends? Thanks to technological innovation and especially to the internet, we are able to organize our trips ourselves. We can easily find a flight, a hotel and what we need to plan a tour. We can purchase tickets and reserve a room or a restaurant. On the net, there is also the information about the destination.

We only need a computer. That’s why year after year the tour operators and local travel agencies are losing customers. They search for innovative ideas to keep the position on the market, but it is very difficult for them to satisfy clients. To have success is necessary to match with the people’s needs. The experts made an analysis to find the five travel trends. The ones that are revolutionizing the world.

Travel trends: the analysis

Before to check the five travel trends, it is good to know better what is important for travelers. There are some aspects to know to understand the changes in the tourism sector. What travelers are searching for?

Booking trends

Travelers are more demanding and they search for personalized holiday packages. The tailor-made services are the preferred by most of the people who travel. In last years tourists increased the smartphone application use. In fact, many new apps are a valid help to personalize the booking experience. They also make it faster. There are also last minute tools. Through mobiles it is possible to search for flights and hotels, but not only. Also attractions, activities, restaurants, shops, and maps are available. People appreciate a lot this flexibility. This gives hints on travel trends.

Best destinations

Analyzing the guides published by the main travel search engines the top destinations are: Maui, Barcelona, Bali, Amsterdam, Lisboa, Las Vegas, Madrid, Athens, Paris, and Rome. The travel trends concern the choices of travelers. Go back to a place that is a childhood souvenir. This is one of the main reasons to select the destination. Just married people prefer the adventure, like safari or windsurf lessons.

Travelers want also other types of holidays, like the ones dedicated to vegetarians and vegans. Many people search for ecological hotels and prefer the locations saw in some movies. TV and cinema influence a lot the travel trends. Now agencies propose tours to visits the various settings of the most famous series and movies like Game of Thrones. The fans are really happy about that and their big number is a huge potential for the tour operators.

On the list of the travel trends, as influence elements, we need to add also the trips made out of the season. The main destination for this type of holiday is the USA. The country attracts a lot of people during all year, especially in the “less crowdy” periods. We can’t forget also the Winter festivals and the accommodations close to the Arctic Circle.


This is a keyword for the travel trends. What travelers are searching for is a unique experience. According to what experts observed, people want a typical experience. Something very local to do. For instance, luxury hotels hire specialized staff in order to create special experiences. They want to offer exclusivity, to attract customers and to vary the service.

Last year the tourists have chosen water activities. Snorkeling, kayak and canoe, and boat trips had a lot of success. The tour on the water at sunset was, of course, one of the favorite experiences.

The travel trends

Now it is time to see what are the travel trends. It is really interesting to know how the travel market is going to change. I am going to write some data about the research published by experts than I will do some consideration.

Families are the main actors of the summer bookings: 40% In winter families are 20% of the travelers.

Solo travelers are in huge majority females.

Business travel includes also a leisure part. In fact, many people who are moving around the world for work reasons, like meetings, usually add a few days to the trip to see more the place.

In the travel trends, there are also wellness trips. Many people plan their journey including activities regarding body care and to recover the plenty form.

People who travel in groups do it whit the objective to save money.

The travel trends and the habits

The evolution of tourism is quite fast, especially thanks to the internet. The new technologies are a huge part of the travelers’ life. Among them the reviews. It is an opportunity, but also a weapon. In fact to read the review is important to get tips and information. On the other hand, a review can make damage to a hotel or to a restaurant.


Many travelers read always the reviews online before to book. They are faithful to the opinions of other tourists. Most of the people book their holiday only after the reviews reading. Tourists also take part in social communities to discover new destinations. They get hints and then they decide what to do.


The travel trends are the base of the tour operators for their work. If they want to sell their proposals, they need to know how to interact with potential customers. They started to use the messaging apps and email marketing. According to the observation made by experts, this way of promotion is really efficient.

Why this post

Why am I sharing this information? Easy, because when I have read the news about this topic, I started to think of my blog. Here I write about my travel experiences and some other few opinions and curiosities. That’s why I need to know better the trends in order to give you useful information. There is no reason to change the topic because I can only talk about what I know, but I can treat specific aspects.

I would love to know more if you recognize yourself in these travel trends. It is interesting to me to know how you plan your trips, what do you expect from blogs, social community, and reviews. How do you plan your travels? Please answer using the comments form below.

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