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Expectations vs reality: how to deal

expectations vs reality

Ah, traveling, what a great experience! Yes, true, I love to travel and I am convinced that it is the best thing in life. But is the experience always as we want? No, unfortunately not. Why? Because we collect information about each trip and we start to have expectations. Then when we arrive at our … Read more Expectations vs reality: how to deal

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

Why visit Italy with Coronavirus

All the information you need about Coronavirus in Italy and some tips on for your trip. Why visit Italy with Coronavirus? Click the link to discover it!

Tips for travelers

tips for travelers

Tips for travelers: a brief and complete guide with the best advice for your safety. Follow the tips to have free mind and enjoy your trip.

Valentine’s Day Getaways: 55 luxury places at a cheap price

Valentine's Day getaways

Surprise your partner with a special gift. I listed the best deals for Valentine’s Day getaways. Get inspired and celebrate love in a cool destination.

Travel trends: the revolution

travel trends

What are the travel trends? Thanks to technological innovation and especially to the internet, we are able to organize our trips ourselves. We can easily find a flight, a hotel and what we need to plan a tour. We can purchase tickets and reserve a room or a restaurant. On the net, there is also … Read more Travel trends: the revolution

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