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A win win for Homeowners and Housesitters?

Are you one of the homeowners’ travelers? You know the feeling – that knot that materializes in your stomach as you drive away from your house to begin a two-week vacation. By the time you hit the freeway, familiar refrains are running through your mind: Did I turn off the toaster? The coffeepot? The iron? You wonder frantically. What if I left a burner on? What if we come home to a pile of ashes?

Thankfully, there’s a cure for this same old panic attack: housesitting. If you don’t have a friend or neighbor who can keep a steady watch over your home while you’re away, a housesitter can be an invaluable aid to your sanity. And a Web site called HouseCarers can help match you up with someone in search of a house to look after. And, more importantly, someone with whom you feel comfortable.

Homeowners and housesitters: the guidance

Smoothly navigable and user-friendly, the site walks you through the whole process. From understanding housesitting basics (under such headings as “What are the standard guidelines of a housesitting agreement?” and “Why do people register to housesit?”) to how to register and communicate through the site.

Issues dealing with homeowners’ insurance, security and bill-paying also are covered. And when you’re finally ready to look for a candidate, type in a few criteria (such as location) and browse the listings of prospective housesitters who fit them.

Of course, if you’re interested in the flip side of the process – that is, becoming a housesitter yourself – the site is equally useful. Register your availability and preferences. And wait to see if there’s a homeowner in your area who’s desperate for a little peace of mind. Who says there’s no such thing as a win-win situation?

HouseCarers understands the importance of selecting the most reliable sitter to care for your most valued asset. The site provides exceptional service and is dedicated to the satisfaction of its members. The effective qualities of the site substantiate the claim, “Peace Of Mind While You`re Away.”

For more information on housesitting opportunities, view the web site here

Why do I suggest this?

Most of the times I am abroad for business and traveling I need to leave the house. I don’t have people who can check it often. So I had to accept risks. Thieves, loss from the pipes, and so on. Luckily I don’t have a pet to feed, but some flower that needs water yes. That’s why I discovered and started to use HouseCarers.

I became one of the many homeowners around the world who charge housesitters to take care of the house while they are far. For the sitters is a chance to work. Or better to have a paid holiday somewhere else. Meanwhile, they keep safe and in good condition the house and what is inside.

Don’t worry, the platform is built and also checked by experts. This means that you are safe. They select housesitters because when they subscribe they need to write down data and give guarantees. The same do the homeowners. So there are no bad people around. Plus the staff give the support to prepare the contract.

You have the chance to choose the best housesitter for your house. First, you check and compare competencies and experiences. Then you can organize a video call and ask all that you want to know. So both people can easily cooperate without risks to register damages in the house or to work and don’t get paid. I tried the service and I am completely satisfied. When I travel I feel better, not worried about my house.


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Travel cheaply to get cheap

Yesterday I had a discussion with a friend of mine about a cheap trip to a thermal destination. He is searching for something exclusive where to spend a nice weekend with his girlfriend. What is trying to do is to surprise her. We were chatting, in front of a glass of wine, about luxury. This is what he wants to achieve for his experiences traveling. After some opinion and stories about our trips, he told me: “I found a great offer for a weekend! I will spend €70/person for a night in the hotel, a four courses dinner, the night in the hotel, and breakfast”. So I thought: “travel cheaply to get cheap“.

I am not going to judge his choice, that is fine if he is getting something that he likes. What was my point? In Italy, a four-star hotel can offer you a double room for at least €100. This rate is already low. We can try to consider breakfast included. Then we should add the entrance fee to the Spa, at least €30, without any treatment. What about the dinner? A four-star hotel restaurant for 4 courses and wined don’t ask less than €50. It means to spend, at least, €110 more than what he spent. That’s why I said to him that travel cheaply to get cheap.

Are the offers trustable

My friend found the offer on the internet. I know the website that proposes those packages for a weekend or longer holidays. I am not saying that is not serious, but the super discounted prices are just made to help some structures to get more customers. On one hand, they reduce the price to not keep free the room. On the other hand, they reduce the quality. If you travel cheaply you will get cheap.

They can renounce to a part of their earning, but they can’t go under a certain limit. So there are limits on the offer use. They reserve for you the worst room of the hotel. They will choose a menu for you and you will never have something really delicious, maybe neither something traditional. Travel cheaply to get cheap. This is the philosophy. Consider that the hotel has any way to pay a commission to the seller.

Travel cheaply to get cheap: from the problem to the solution

I am telling you starting from the story of my friend, mixed with my experience because I want to share some tips. Luxury and quality are not always together, but most of the times yes. Why? Because a brand that works in luxury needs to create an image and to define themselves with the services offered. That’s why to give something exclusive is a must. This allows them to ask for more money. If you travel cheaply you will get cheap.

Do you want to spend a good weekend somewhere and your budget is limited? You don’t have to renounce to luxury, but just consider to allocate your resources on the right place. First of all, you should avoid the websites created just to give you huge discounts. They will never think about your expectations and needs. They are interested only to sell. If you read carefully their proposal you will notice that something is missing. Something else is not clear. Other things are not properly well set up.

What to do?

Make a calculation of your budget in order to define exactly how much you can spend. Be flexible as much you can. Then check hotel, restaurant, spa or whatever prices. Check official websites. Consider to not eat in the hotel. Verify directly their offers. Then surf the main hotel search engines to see the prices. Compare the proposals. Be sure about the offer. How? Reading carefully what is included. If something is not clear, you can also send an email to them to ask.

Being in touch with a hotel can be helpful. They know about your interest and they can be available to set a special offer for you. Like a tailor-made rate. Or maybe they can add something as a benefit to the normal rate. Like a transfer or something like that. Many years ago I entered a five-star hotel and I asked the price. It was higher than what I expected and I said it to them. Then I started to go out. They called me back and the manager offered a discount, an interesting one, asking me to remain for at least a couple of nights. I had a very good treatment.

Travel cheaply to get cheap is what happens in reality. They will never give you nothing for free. It’s their job and they have to earn money. That is why if you just look at the price and you want to get the maximum for very cheap prices, you will never find a solution. Don’t accept huge discounts if there is no reason for them. You risk ruining your holiday. Avoid the proposals that are not clear since the beginning. Bad surprises are behind the corner.

For more advice read about my travel planning tips.

5 Reasons for a traveling birthday

Now I explain tell you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday. Many times happened to me to be abroad for my birthday. I was working, as I do often in Italy during that day. But everything was different. Why? Because I was with different and new people and when they discovered it, they organized small parties.

What’s different? The way to celebrate, the experience, the ambiance. This is what means have a birthday journey. I want to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday. If you plan a trip for that special occasion, you will never forget it.

Once I planned a holiday in the Maldives, for my birthday. It was many years ago. Well, I can remember everything as it was yesterday. That was my best birthday. It is not a matter of party, but the experience. What I learned going around the world is a big life lesson. That’s why I continue to do it. You know, when it’s time for my birthday, I generally don’t do anything. Not many people are aware of the date. If I can spend that day, maybe adding some other days on a trip, I don’t lose the chance. Let me go to share with you the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday.

5 reasons for a traveling birthday: take a look at the slides

I enclose all the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday in a slideshow, so it will be easier to read them. Check each of them and I am sure you will be convinced to do it. You can also consider the idea as a gift present for a friend. Why not give a travel experience for her or his birthday. It will be funny to organize a party abroad. Anyway, keep in mind that the journey is a way for the person also to refresh herself or himself. So if you are going together, let space to your friend to live deeply the travel.


A birthday gift

This idea is not only for your birthday. You can use my advice to purchase a gift for a friend for her or his birthday. Maybe you can travel together. Is it too expensive? You can involve other friends in buying the gift. I can also help you. I want to contribute and put a quote for the present you will give to your relatives or your friends. But be fast, because I have an exclusive offer for you for a limited time. You will get a special deal. It is one more of the 5 reasons for a traveling birthday.

Holiday with discount

My offer to you is to get 10% off on your next booking. The discount is valid on until 11th October 2019. The platform is complete and one of its features is given by the professional staff that ensures assistance and support for any need before and during the trip. There is also a special guarantee for any flight delay. On the website, you can reserve a flight, bus or train ticket, but also hotels’ rooms and tours. If you prefer a holiday package you can find a lot of solutions. Any destination in the world is available. 

The 5 reasons for a traveling birthday plus the discount should convince you to buy this type of gift. You can do it for yourself or a special person. What do you have to do? Easy, go on Kiwi and select the tour, the ticket or the hotel you like. Then when you digit the details to purchase digit the code ‘MYANASA‘ (write it in capital letters) and you will get 10% off. You should spend at least 150 Euro. You will save money and thanks to the experts on the platform the holiday will be unforgettable.

Compare flights prices: 1 cool guide for you

Nowadays compare flights prices are becoming more important. The number of passengers is increasing each year. Airlines are preparing offers, they grow and new companies are appearing on the market. Meanwhile, travelers can find more websites and apps ready to give them the best deals. It’s hard to find out what is the best tool and also the more convenient rates. Especially because surfing you just see prices going up. Since I am traveling often I always need to be updated on the opportunity to get the best connection, the best service at the cheapest cost.

Most of the platforms tell you that you can compare prices. That is true, but sometimes there are some tricks. The point is that they select partners or clients. So you can see a variety of rates and make the comparison, but not all the options are available on the website. You know it and you start to make researches online. Compare flights prices is hard work. You change the engine, you try to modify the connections, but step by step the rates are higher. What to do?

Tips to compare flights prices

The first step you should do is to use an incognito browser. This allows you to hide your identity, so the system can’t register your passage online and the rates are not increasing. Anyway, this small trick is only the beginning, because it is not enough. If you want to compare flights prices you have to use the best platform. On my blog, I already wrote some posts giving you hints and names of the websites you should use. Now I am going to add one more. Yes, in these days I had the chance to try Idealo. It is quite new and it is still a bit of work in progress. 

Don’t worry, it is perfectly operative. You can search for all the connections and they give you pages of Idealo group to compare flights prices from each country. Why am I suggesting you this platform? Easy, because I just successfully tried it and it is reliable. It is made to support people in saving money to reserve their trips. Since I used it I experienced it making a comparison with other platforms. This brand is German and it operates in all the countries. They are growing and implementing the service. 

The flights I found on it have very good prices. They count 145 millions of offers coming from 30.000 companies. So it is complete. The staff is made of 800 people working constantly to update the website. I got some information about the company and I guess these numbers can tell more than many words. Don’t you think so? Try Idealo and share your impressions. I am sure you will find the best rates and you will be satisfied. But I have more tips for you.

How to save money by booking a flight

Compare flights prices is the first step to save money and respect your budget. Anyway, there are other small shrewdnesses. Follow me and you will start to pay less for your trips. 

Reserve the seat in advance

Never wait for the last moment to book a flight. After you searched to compare flights prices it becomes time to fix. Make the purchase. Do it at least 15 days before the departure if you fly with a low-cost company or 30 days before for other airlines. This is the minimum, it is better to book two or three months in advance. This will allow you to find the best rates. You can use Idealo as well. 

Last minutes flights can offer you some promotion and discounts because the company needs to seel all of them. But it is risky to wait. Most of the times prices erase and there is no chance for you to save money. Experts made research and the result is impressive: the airline charge on the same seat 15 different rates during its shelf life. You can imagine how difficult is to save money in this way. That’s why you have to follow carefully my tips.

Avoid holidays

No, don’t worry, I am not telling you to work all the times. Just to not fly during weekends or season holidays li Christmas, Easter, and so on. It’s better to travel on Tuesday or Wednesday. To save more prefer early morning hours or late evening. 

Prefer the web to book

Idealo is an example of how you can easily find the best connections and compare flights prices easily. It is a way to save money because travel agencies ask you a fee and also airlines companies in their offices can charge a different rate. The online search engine is surely more efficient.

Then the platform gives you a wide result. You can see the cheapest flights on the dates before and after the ones you asked as travel dates.

Be flexible with dates

That element can de consider something unuseful. This is a mistake. If you don’t need to travel exactly on specific dates, you can benefit from cheaper rates. Isn’t it better? On Idealo you have the chance to make first the research writing the departure and return dates. Then you can find the lowest price. The system helps you to catch more convenient rates just with small changes in dates.

Prefer indirect flights

Stopovers are very expensive, but if you choose different flights and you change the connection in the middle you save money. It’s something different from a stop. You just stay in the airport for a few hours to catch another plane. On Idealo you don’t have only direct flights. Keep it in mind when you compare flight prices.

Select the right airport

You are going to a destination with more airports around. Don’t select the main one because most of the planes are going there. Tickets are more expensive. If you choose an airport less used, a secondary one you save money.

Don’t forget that it is useful to book a holiday package and not only a flight to get better rates. This is something you can consider. You can do it with the proper branch of Idealo. It works also to reserve the plane plus the hotel

There are some cases that it is cheap to book the package and don’t use the accommodation. You can benefit from a special and low price and it is convenient even if you then book another hotel by yourself. Choose, if you do this, a low ranking hotel.

Use different airlines

Sometimes it can be more convenient to use an airline for one way and buy the return ticket with a different company. Especially if you take advantage of an offer. Why? Because airlines promise interesting deals on outgoing flights to recoup their losses on return flights. You have to focus on this type of proposals to optimize your savings. You will spend less money. On Idealo you will be able to see these solutions.

Follow social networks

To compare flights prices you need to use all the tools. The platform helps you, but you should subscribe to airlines’ newsletters and check the social networks. On these websites are promoted often special offers. The companies also create low rates for the social pages and their followers. Be ready to read often the rates proposed and then refine your research on Idealo.

Book with air miles

Choose a travel credit card and use it for your daily expenses. You don’t need to spend more than usual. Thanks to the points earned and to the bonus you will have free air miles for your trips. It is possible to redeem them and have discounts or to get free tickets. It’s a good way to save money just taking advantage of your normal spending. To know more about this opportunity I suggest seeing this video.

Prices and services

When you compare flights prices you need to consider many aspects concerning rates charged. Some airlines include a snack, the choice of the seat, cabin baggage. Low-cost companies are used to ask for extra money for these services. You pay also a glass of water. keep it in mind when you select the best price.

Some other services will influence your budget. Like parking, transfers and extra luggage. Not all of them are related to the airline. Anyway, if you want to save money, book everything in advance. Purchase the tickets at the last moment, also for these services, will cost you more. Pay attention to take care of each detail.

Prepare snacks by yourself

Security rules don’t permit you to go onboard with drinks, except the ones you buy inside the airport. But this doesn’t include food. Inside the airport the prices are very expensive, so if you want to save money avoid the bar and the restaurants. You can easily buy what you need and prepare it by yourself. A sandwich will be good and with the ingredients you want.

On low companies, you will also pay and the quality won’t be good. I had already experienced and I don’t recommend to taste their menu. Be sure to finish your snack on the plane. Because if you are traveling to another country that might be some rules on the food introduction. They have to put it in quarantine or throw it away and you will pay a fine. 

Find cheap flights

Compare flights prices is easy thanks to Idealo, but with my tips, you can save even more money. The research is the starting point so try the platform as I did. It is one of the best I have ever used. It is easy to use, there aren’t popup and ads to confuse you. Just follow the instructions, fill the form and you will get the results. Then you make the selection according to the deals and your preferences.

If you have any questions or you want to share your experience, feel free to comment below or to use the contact form. I am happy to answer and to give you some more tips. If you want to be updated, subscribe to my newsletter. I will send you weekly news and extra contents. Then share this page and visit my destinations page to get inspired.

Travel is number one: 54% Americans prefer to travel

Did you know it? Travel is number one. The majority of Americans prefer to travel than to save money to buy a house. This is what I discovered scrolling some travel stats. Without doubts, travel is number one. Check out the stats in the graphic below. Statics shows the importance of traveling.


Travel is number one: how the USA changed

Recent research demonstrates how Americans change their minds in the years. In the past, they were mostly focused on investing their money to buy a house and create their own family (marriage and kids).

Now, the time is change. Travel is number one. 54% of people prefer to explore the world and live unique experiences than to think about a family. Organize a trip and spend money on that is a great investment for them.

If you read the infographic above you can easily understand how in the USA is considering to travel before to get married. Travel is number one. Also, people are scared to not be able to do it after retirement. Because of health and money problems.

During their career is also hard to find the time to go around the world properly. That is why it became a priority. Who has a big budget available goes to use it to pass the border and fly around the globe.

This hit me because this means that society, at least in the USA is more oriented to know the world. They are true because of a trip worth more than any other experience in life. You can have fun, learn a lot, know better yourself, and also get decisions about your career or private life.

Why travel is an investment?

While you explore the world you have the chance not only to see new places but also to get in touch with new cultures. This is the way to open your mind and as well to improve your skills and point of views.

Meeting people and seeing their lifestyle helps you to have a better approach to life. Maybe to change your lifestyle to live better trying to build a better community.

You can learn a lot a start your journey to freedom. Because knowledge of the world is the way to be free. Most important is to explore yourself. You will be in different places, in various stages and it will be necessary to measure your abilities, to see how you react, what you think.

You go deep in knowing yourself. This is the best thing that can happen to you in life. Traveling can give this opportunity to you.

It can be expensive to travel the world but there are ways to earn extra cash or just to travel cheap. If you can make a small investment, travel. You will get a lot of benefits. Check out the flight options with Infobus, to get the best deals. Choose your destination and live deeply on the trip.

When I started to go around the world I was a child and I continue to do it. I travel for business and leisure and I am improving myself. I do it trip after trip. Then I can learn more foreign languages, another good thing.

Travel with me

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What do you think? Are you part of the majority of the interviewed people? Is travel number one for you? Share your thoughts about the stats and its meaning. 

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