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Travel platform with international staff

How do you organize your trips? Maybe for your holidays, you need a travel platform with deals, packages, and tools or staff as support. I like to do many things by myself, as get in touch directly with hotels and airlines. But this is not always the best way to catch the lowest rates. Online you can easily find websites that offer you holiday packages and tailor-made proposals. Also, a lot of them give you flight tickets. I want to tell you about my new experience with the reservation of transport tickets.

I had the chance to find and try a new travel platform. Since I go abroad a lot for business and leisure, I spend a lot of time searching for great solutions. That’s why I visit Omio. It is designed as a search engine for planes, trains, and buses. But thanks to the connection with Booking, you can use it also to find accommodation. So the journey and the stay can be reserved together on the website. I had a very good experience using them. Now, I can add it to the list of the best platform to travel.

travel platform

Travel platform features

Why am I recommending you Omio? First of all, because I am satisfied and I think it can be useful for you. Then many features make this travel platform a very good one. Starting from the rates offered. The company is not a tour operator, but a reseller with a huge search engine. It can give you all the traveling solutions choosing according to your criteria among 800 official partners. This allows you to compare prices and tracks. Plus you can work on connections also with different means of transport: planes, trains, and buses.

Omio is one of the best travel platforms because it is composed of international staff. They affirm to have people from over 40 countries. I don’t know if this true, but I can say that I can surf the website in my own language. Then I can have assistance in my own language. The staff guarantee support from the booking time to the trip period. Of course, in case of need. So if something happens, I know that I can really talk with someone who speaks Italian, who understands me, and who helps me.

travel platform

How to use Omio

The concept of this travel platform is to give tailor-made experiences to travelers. If you want to go around Europe, Omio is the best solution for you. It is easy to use and in a few seconds, you access the list of the proposals selected for your requirements. Open the homepage, digit the departure and arrival cities. Then put the date. Select the button to search for accommodation with booking. You will redirect to a page with the results.

It is readable the departure hour and as well the one of arrival, the price but you can find some other indications. In fact, the system underlines the fastest and cheap proposal. Selecting the solution you prefer the travel platform redirects you to another page with all the details. From there you can proceed to buy the ticket. The system opens also another page on Booking. So you can see and choose the hotel. Omio is the best comparison site. 

travel platform


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