Travel planning tips

Travel planning tips: the guide

I already shared some travel planning tips in my posts, but now I want to try to be a bit more helpful. There is nothing new, except the format. In fact, I want to give you a Pdf guide with the main advice I wrote. This is the first free giveaway because I am preparing some pdf files with all my guides. Some with the tips already posted and some new. You can easily get your copy.

I am going to transform my travel planning tips posts into Pdf guides. So you can save them on your computer, print them or send them to a friend easily. It will be easier to prepare your checklist to organize your trip just using the parts you need. This is my goal and I have the hope to give you support. I spent a lot of time traveling and I remember my first time. It was a bit difficult.


Your travel planning tips guide

What to do now? Here you can find the Pdf and you only need to click on it and download the file. It is completely free. Inside there are my travel planning tips. They include suggestions about your preparation and also about your stay. If you follow the steps you will be ready to enjoy the trip. Also, you will avoid a huge part of the risks.

Going around is exciting, but there are many things to do. You need to pay attention to each stage. That’s why I wrote the guide. I am used to traveling, but preparing a checklist is my goal each time. In fact, I can forget something. With the travel planning tips, I am sure to organize a better trip.

Travel planning guide

Travel planning guide

Enjoy the guide and also your journey! If you want to add something, feel free to do it using the comments. We will update the guide together with you. Also, your experiences will be welcome in the comments.

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