travel is the number one

Travel is number one: 54% Americans prefer to travel

Did you know it? Travel is number one. The majority of Americans prefer to travel than to save money to buy a house. This is what I discovered scrolling some travel stats. Without doubts, travel is number one. Check out the stats in the graphic below. Statics shows the importance of traveling.


travel is number one

Travel is number one: how the USA changed

Recent research demonstrates how Americans change their minds in the years. In the past, they were mostly focused on investing their money to buy a house and create their own family (marriage and kids).

Now, the time is change. Travel is number one. 54% of people prefer to explore the world and live unique experiences than to think about a family. Organize a trip and spend money on that is a great investment for them.


If you read the infographic above you can easily understand how the USA is considering travel before getting married. Travel is number one. Also, people are scared to not be able to do it after retirement. Because of health and money problems.

During their career is also hard to find the time to go around the world properly. That is why it became a priority. Who has a big budget available goes to use it to pass the border and fly around the globe.

This hit me because this means that society, at least in the USA is more oriented to know the world. They are true because a trip worth more than any other experience in life. You can have fun, learn a lot, know better yourself, and also get decisions about your career or private life.

travel is number one

Why travel is an investment?

While you explore the world you have the chance not only to see new places but also to get in touch with new cultures. This is the way to open your mind and as well to improve your skills and point of view.

Meeting people and seeing their lifestyle helps you to have a better approach to life. Maybe to change your lifestyle to live better trying to build a better community.

You can learn a lot a start your journey to freedom. Because knowledge of the world is the way to be free. The most important is to explore yourself. You will be in different places, in various stages and it will be necessary to measure your abilities, to see how you react, what you think.

You go deep in knowing yourself. This is the best thing that can happen to you in life. Traveling can give this opportunity to you.

It can be expensive to travel the world but there are ways to earn extra cash or just to travel cheaply. If you can make a small investment, travel. You will get a lot of benefits. Check out the flight options with Infobus, to get the best deals. Choose your destination and live deeply on the trip.

When I started to go around the world I was a child and I continue to do it. I travel for business and leisure and I am improving myself. I do it trip after trip. Then I can learn more foreign languages, another good thing.

Travel with me

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What do you think? Are you part of the majority of the interviewed people? Is travel number one for you? Share your thoughts about the stats and their meaning. 

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