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Travel guide as a gift for travelers

You just got an invitation to a birthday party and you don’t know what to buy. Don’t worry, you are in good company. It happened to me many times. That’s why I am going to share what I learned over the years. With many mistakes also. Well, I am sure that your friend is a traveler or at least she or he has a passion for traveling. This makes the task easier. Buy a travel guide.

Do you think this gift is not enough? Of course, it depends on the budget, but I can confirm that it is a great present. Why? Because you know what the receiver likes. It means that you are aware of her or his passion and also about the place that she or he wants to visit. Then the travel guide can be essential or complete. What am I trying to say? The cost depends on the type of guide.

travel guide

How to choose the travel guide

Now I convinced you about the gift. Therefore you have to select the right one. It is not hard if you know the dreams and plans of your friend. In fact, there are two ways. The first one is to buy a travel guide related to a place that is on the wish list of the person. The second one is about a trip that is going to be planned soon from your friend. Or also about a journey already planned. Be sure that she or he didn’t already buy the guide.

You are not sure about it. Ask. Don’t do it directly, talk with her or his relatives, make different questions. Generic questions about traveling. Something that helps you to get the information. But without making her or him understand why you are questioning. I am sure that you know how to do it. Don’t worry if the person will never go there, because the receiver can read and study the guide and cultivate the dream.

Where to find the best travel guide?

You don’t need to go out of your home. Amazon is the right place, you can easily find all types of travel guides. Just search for the country you want and then scroll the list. The guides will be on your device and you will pick the best one. In a few days, you will receive the package at home and then you will prepare it as a gift. Isn’t it perfect? Check it!

What about if you have in front of you there is a list of guides of the same country. Read the explanation to know what is better. Check the price and decide. If I may say something to help you, my favorites are the ones made by Lonely Planet. Also, National Geographic does great travel guides. Maybe you saw in your friend’s house some other guides. You know what she or he likes.



I hope this post was helpful to you. If you are searching for other gift ideas for travelers, check my other articles. Find more in my shop.

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