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Shopping deals for travelers

Shopping deals for travelers

I am not a shopping addicted, but I need some items for my next travels. Visiting AliExpress I discovered some shopping deals for travelers deals. Maybe you need something and you can take advantage of the discounts. So I decided to share them. I will be happy if you use these opportunities because it means my … Read more Shopping deals for travelers

Traveler’s items: best deals

traveler's items

Traveler’s items: see my selection of musts for your trips. Follow my tips and get special offers on AliExpress.

Cabin luggage: how to choose it

cabin luggage

Cabin luggage: how to select the best one for your journey. Features and tips to buy your next suitcase. Find here now tips and suggested luggage

A book journey

I am preparing my last article about Strasbourg, where I am writing about the accommodation and the restaurants where I have been and where I had a very good experience. I am reading my notes, but before I thought to share something that I prepared before. I want to share with you some titles of … Read more A book journey

Useful travel backpacks

useful travel backpacks

Useful travel backpacks: how to find the best one for your journey. Read the selection and the tips I prepared for you using my experience as a traveler

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