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Stop snoring

stop snoring

I generally don’t snore during the night. But traveling a lot it is obvious to get a cold, caused by the climate differences between the countries. So I get a cold and my nose is a bit closed. In these situations, it can happen and I can make noise for the others, also if I … Read more Stop snoring

Balkans, the culture in a book

My next trip is already on my agenda and I will go back to Balkans, an area where I have been different times in last years. This time the country to be visited is Macedonia, not the Greek region but the country that now is called Republic of North Macedonia. I will have some work … Read more Balkans, the culture in a book

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless: 1 amazing item for your trips

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless

Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless: an amazing item to travel with. Read how you can use the high-quality earphone and benefit of a huge discount.

SmartWatch: 1 new item for your amazing trips


SmartWatch, one of the best items for a traveler. Stay connected with family, friends, and colleagues. Check your health and get notifications of your calls, messages, and email. Read my review and tips.

T-shirt: the Italian gestures


My dear readers and followers, I am preparing new posts about my trip to Vienna. But before to publish those articles, let me give you news about my creation. The T-shirt with Italian gestures. I personally designed it because traveling many people ask me about the way we use in Italy. Our gesture is famous … Read more T-shirt: the Italian gestures

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