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Impressions and experience with single travel gadgets.

Voice translator

Do you have a voice translator? Once I was in Belgrade, at the airport. In front of me at passport control, there were two Italian guys. They were speaking Italian. You can imagine how easy was for the police to ask them some questions. Well, I am Italian, my English is not so good (as you can read), but I hate to speak Italian abroad. Neither in Albania, where all locals know Italian, I like to use my language. To learn foreign languages it’s a passion. Going around the world I have difficulties to choose one and catching words in various countries I make sometimes confusion.

At least I try to speak English and to learn the basics in the local language. I consider it not only a need (in some places it is) but respects. Entering a house (or a country) I have to respect who live there. That’s why my first thought concern the language. Maybe you have read my post about the beautiful Minsk.

There I had some difficulties to be in touch with people. And also to ask directions. People speak Russian and not English. In Turkey is hard as well. Like it happens in many countries. Some of you tried to talk to people in Italy. Almost impossible if you don’t know Italian. In this way, the best solution is a voice translator.

Voice translator, my ally

It’s impossible to know all the languages of the countries where I go. If I am in a small village and I need to ask something. In case locals don’t know English or French. What can I do? Using my voice translator. Before I had some hard situations, I wasn’t able in certain places to interact with people. Traveling can happen, but I wanted a solution. I started to explore the internet searching for some tool. Of course, I knew something about the technology came out in the last years. Voice translator allows me to easily communicate with people around the world.

I took a look at many different websites, starting from reviews to online shops. My goal was to find a reliable item without spending too much. Also because I wanted to test it. Technology is great, I like it, but I have always some doubts. Step by step I found a voice translator that seems to me the proper one for my travels. The features are really interesting. It looks complete and thanks to AliExpress I can pay a low price. The discount of 39% makes it even more attractive. Now it speaks for me any language.

My choice

Why did I choose the item on AliExpress? Easy, because it offers exactly all that I need. First of all, this voice translator provides 68 languages of mutual translation. It has also a huge vocabulary. This means I can use it everywhere in all conditions, for any need. It is fast in the translation and it is accurate. The producer affirm 98% accuracy, I can’t measure it, but it is very high the percentage. I registered a very few errors, but it depends on the voice and the way to talk of the people.

Obviously, voice translation needs an internet connection to refine the result. It is not a problem because the item I found on AliExpress has Wifi + hotspot multiple networking methods. This means that wherever you are you can be online. I can use this travel translator easily because it has a 2.4-inch HD touch screen. It is possible to translate in real time. The playback works with one click. It is light, just o,1kg, so I can carry it without efforts. This item is not so big, so easy to handle and to have it in the pocket.

In some places, I need to use it often, so the battery duration becomes very important. The 1200mah polymer battery lasts for 7 days and 6 hours on standby. Then it counts on the strongest voice recognition technology in order to guarantee high-quality performances. My voice translator, the same one you can have from AliExpress, count on cloud upgrade technology. So I can always have all the updates to improve my travel translator. You can use it for leisure or for business. It can translate any type of sentence.

If you travel you can really benefit from this item. In case you are not a traveler, maybe you can suggest it to some friends. Purchase it as a gift or share this post. To get more updates and extra contents subscribe to my newsletter.

Bluetooth 9D Stereo Earphone Wireless: 1 amazing item for your trips

Do you like music? Don’t renounce to listen to it during your trips. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless is all that you need. It is an innovative type of earphone. This means better performances. Why should you buy the earphones? I can answer by telling you why I decided to purchase this product on AliExpress. The huge discount influenced me a bit on the model, but it was not enough.

Searching for a solution, not only to listen to music or movies while I explore the world, I analyzed a lot of proposals. Well, the best one was available on the platform. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless offers many options and a high-quality sound. Maybe this is also due to the shape. Yes, you can easily insert them in the hears, so you won’t lose anything from the sound.

To convince me contributed the facility to manage the functions. In fact, it is easy to answer a call, stop it or erase the volume. Just to do an example. For each need, I don’t have to use some control key, but only to touch softly the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. I can also separate the single ear. I know, I am not a woman and I can’t do two things at the same time. Just joking, don’t worry. I like to make some jokes time to time, also in my posts.

Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless: what to do with them

It’s clear this item is made to listen to sounds or voices. But the object found on AliExpress is something more. Especially because of the use. Let me explain something more. Thanks to the LED power display it is possible to see the battery level, in order to recharge the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless on time. To charge it is not necessary any cable. The touch Bluetooth headset does everything by contact with the charger.

On average use, it works for 4 hours for a single broadcast. The item offers a movie assistant mobile phone holder. It’s perfect for a video call or to enjoy some cinema on your device. Then the pairing is automatic. You don’t have to spend time and efforts to connect it with the phone. It is waterproof, so no worry for rain or sweat. You can even keep the earphone while you swim in the sea or in the pool.

The high quality of the sound is one of the benefits given by Bluetooth 5.0. Noise reduction, the stability of the signal, and fast transmission speed are the main features. This is one of the innovative parts of the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless. These reasons made me sure to buy the item. I saved 52% on the price thanks to a limited time offer on AliExpress.


Before to search for the Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless I tried to study a bit the technology. I didn’t become an expert, but I wanted to compare the products. You maybe know very well this type of items and you understand perfectly the technical specifics. I give you some features to help you to evaluate this useful product for travelers. Of course, also who doesn’t travel can find the earphone great for daily life.

The brand is QCR, well known in the market and specialized in the production of phones accessories. The style is in-ear. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless operates on a dynamic vocalism principle. The sensitivity is equal to 110±4dB. Another important aspect concern the functions. You can get a multifunctional object. For internet bar, monitor headphone, for the video game, common headphone, for mobile phone, for iPod, HiFi headphone, sport.

Now you are thinking about the compatibility. No worries for you. It is made to work with any type of phone, any brand, any system. The frequency response range is 100-10000Hz. Bluetooth 9D stereo earphone wireless has a resistance of 32Ω, with an earphone battery capacity of 60mAh*2. The charging box battery specification is 3300 mAh. You can easily count on a play time of 5-6 hours. To recharge the battery you will need 1 or 2 hours maximum.

See the product description on AliExpress. I am sure you will find it interesting and useful. If you are searching for other ideas, you have to read my shopping advice. There are a lot of suggests for you.


SmartWatch: 1 new item for your amazing trips

Smartphones are now becoming, step after step, real computers. It is great because you can do everything with them. But they are getting also bigger. Traveling not always is so easy to handle one of them. Because you have to keep at least one hand busy all the time. Isn’t it better a SmartWatch? According to my habits yes. Why? Easy, because you can be connected easily and it is always with you.

You can forget the phone somewhere. The watch is on your wrist. This is helpful, but there are more reasons to buy a SmartWatch. It has a lot of functions, even much more specific than a smartphone for some cases. Do you want an example? It helps to monitor your health conditions. Because it is directly in touch with your body. Something really important while you travel. But also for everyday life.

If you are far from home you may need support. But if you are at home, or working it’s important to check your lifestyle. Plus your social networks are ready for your finger. Email, the internet, the hour… everything is there, on your wrist. Don’t you think this item is perfect for you? Let me give you more information about the SmartWatch. I can explain to you why I decided to buy it on AliExpress.

SmartWatch: what offers

As a phone, the SmartWatch works in different languages. Some are already installed, others can be added by an App. So you can easily do your activity with instructions in your own language. Thanks to the waterproof material, the rain will never affect it. You can also swim together with your watch. Usually, the only problem is the hot water. If you want it to use your trendy watch on any occasion, you can. Are you influenced by style and fashion? Great, you can change the strap. So choose among different colors.
The functions offered concerning your health include the basics. You have the pedometer, you can measure calories gained, collect data about heart rate and so on. The condition is always monitored. You get also some advice in order to improve your lifestyle. Always according to health.
What about the use. Thanks to USB charging way it’s easy to get energy and fulfill the battery. Keep in mind that the standby time is 30 days, considering working time 7 days. With the touch screen, you access to all the functions rapidly. It is missing only a Sim Card space, so you can’t make calls, answer and send messages. But you will receive the notifications. You only need a connection with the phone. Check it out on AliExpress, the price is really cheap.


Are you thinking to buy a SmartWatch? You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars. AliExpress propose a perfect item for you. A lot of functions and a low-cost price. I am satisfied with my purchase. This object gives me good support day by day, also when I travel. I see the colorful touch screen, big enough to read without problems. Then I can use the 64KB  RAM plus 512KB FLASH. It’s quite a huge memory for a watch.

Since I am a man I don’t use it, but the health app includes a female cycle reminder. This is helpful to pay attention and organize the period with daily life. The real-time health monitor, anyway, support females and males with a lot of data. To not lose a call or a message and neither a meeting, it is possible to activate the reminder push.

The call reminder supports hanging up on the watch. Then the SMS alerts push is available. Also, the service of the Social Media Notification it is useful.  It works for email, Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, and many other networks.

I have to add something about the SmartWatch. During a meeting, I can see everything on the watch. So, I don’t have to take my phone and to give a bad impression on others. I don’t appear distracted. This is important because I can check immediately what is going on my phone and on social. Accept my invitation to take a look at this item on AliExpress.
If you are searching for other items for travelers, read my posts. You can find a lot of ideas.

T-shirt: the Italian gestures

My dear readers and followers, I am preparing new posts about my trip to Vienna. But before to publish those articles, let me give you news about my creation. The T-shirt with Italian gestures. I personally designed it because traveling many people ask me about the way we use in Italy. Our gesture is famous all around the world, in fact, someone wants to learn to express something with the hands for a trip to Italy. Or just for fun. Anyway, since I like jokes, I decided to give to some of my foreigner friends a T-shirt with the most known Italian gesture. 

Since I needed to work on it, I prepared some more to sell them. Why? Because I think that this T-shirt can be a funny gift for many people. You can purchase it for yourself or for your friend. Maybe I will create more, but we will see how it goes. In the meantime, I invite you to check the T-shirt that I propose online. Teespring Inc. is selling it. If you like to have one, don’t miss the chance, because it will be available in a limited number of models for a few days. Wear the Italian gesture and you will make people smiling. You will never pass unnoticed.

T-shirt custom made

I got the idea of traveling and meeting people abroad and I am curious to see if you appreciate it. This T-shirt can be the first one or the last one, but I am sure you will at least smile seeing it. Because our gestures are really funny saw from outside. You should learn them if you are going to visit Italy. Why not start to purchase my creation? Well, maybe you are not sure about what the gesture means. You can translate it like: what? We use it also to say “what do you want?” It is not properly polite, but don’t worry, when Italian will see your T-shirt they will just laugh!

In order to make you aware of our gesture language, I share a video made by an Italian, quite popular on YouTube. Well, I am not surely good like him to teach you our gestures, so I let you see it. I hope you will enjoy it and also that you will learn something, so maybe instead of writing, I can post some videos. I will tell you about my travel experiences with gestures. So, what do you think about my new idea? Do you like the T-shirt? Just for my curiosity, would you be interested in having this type of T-shirt? Comment below. Thank you! I will be to you soon again with other posts.

Buy the T-shirt here.



Tactical pen: defend yourself like the strong 007

Do you like 007? I confess I am a big fan of James Bond. Imagine, travel the world, meet beautiful girls, get into the adventure using cool gadgets. It’s like a dream. I am not a secret agent, but I can do something similar. The tactical pen makes the difference. What? Yes, a special pen allows me to get closer to the most famous spy in the world. Well, I travel, I sometimes meet amazing girls, also if I don’t have James’ success. But now at least I have a great gadget. Ok, it looks like a joke, but for real, I found an item that became recently my travel mate.

I found it on AliExpress, paying it less than 10 USD. Thanks to the discount. Going around the world something can happen all the time. That’s why I wanted something to defend myself in case of attack. Thieves are everywhere, also if I feel safe in most of the places I visit. Surfing the web I came across the tactical pen, a useful object. First of all, it is a normal pen and pencil. So I can use it to write. Them it helps me as protection. Till now I didn’t have, luckily, the chance to use it. But I am ready to do it. 

Tactical pen: description

You are walking on the street, in the evening, in a country you don’t know. Suddenly someone with a knife appears in front of you. He wants your wallet. What to do? Don’t risk your life, so make an evaluation before to act. Anyway, with the tactical pen, you aren’t unarmed. The pen is more or less like a tactical knife. It can stay easily in your pocket like a normal pen or pencil. If you don’t write down notes, you can use it in another way. Thanks to the machined metal construction it is resistant and very offensive.

Keep in mind that before to use your tactical pen, you have to consider all the other options. It is the last way to apply for your defense. The multitool can get you out from any trouble. With it, you can stop someone by causing a minor wound. Or even breaking glass, if you use it properly. The tactical aspect concerns appearance. It doesn’t seem to be dangerous, it is just a pen. Your aggressor will never suspect about it. Now let’s see the features. Check it out on AliExpress

Tactical pen: features

The one I get for myself is not a unique model on AliExpress. But the tactical pen I bought is efficient and it doesn’t cost so much. This is good. It’s perfect to carry on during all my trips. What are the specifics of the item? The high-quality material and the tungsten steel tactical pencil pen head, obtained through a hard anodic oxidation III processing are the first elements you notice. There is something more. The tactical pen provides nice writing tools with high performance and bodyguard for an emergency.

The diamond shape design at the handle is an excellent anti-skid ability. Accord with ergonomics design makes the tactical pen easy to hook on your backpack, bags, notebook. To write your notes you can just rotate the pen holder. The tungsten steel material for the pen head is created for any emergency. In fact, if you have an accident with the car and you can’t go out, you can use it like broken glass apparatus. A cheap price for an item that helps you with a huge variety of situations. 

Why should you buy it

Unfortunately, violence is increasing around big cities. Tourists are sometimes the best victims for thieves. Self-defense becomes more important. For this reason, you can learn martial arts or buy a gun. In any case, you need lessons and permissions. The tactical pen doesn’t need anything. Just follow the instruction and you will face ay risk. The item will be your personal protection. If this object is in your pocket you feel mentally and physically safe. Even if nothing happens. Because you are aware to be armed against an aggressor and also against some accidents.

Even if the police works hard to protect people, including tourists, to accomplish the task is very difficult. That’s why it is necessary to think about self-defense. The tactical pen is an easy way to be always protected, easily. It is just a matter of habit. Don’t worry, if you won’t be, luckily, in dangerous situations you will write down letters and so on. Take a look at AliExpress and see its shape. You will easily understand why you need this modern design to write and protect yourself.

Self-defense techniques

Entering an elevator, or staircase means to be in a narrow space where a criminal can easily attack you. You can’t run away from there. Vulnerability is allied with the thief. So what can you do? Take your tactical pen and point to the offender’s face. The fight is your unique way to protect yourself. You can adopt two techniques.

  1. Use the tactical pen like a stick: strike hard on your aggressor. It causes a huge pain to the offender and it stops him. After that, you need to escape anyway because after a while he will try to recover some energy and react. I guess you don’t want to have a fight. It is a good way to exit from a dangerous situation without damages.
  2. Use the tactical pen like a knife: turn it upside down and jab your attacker. In this way, you can easily break eyes. You will have then enough time to run away. He won’t act for a quite long time. 

Don’t forget that the tactical pen can do a lot of damage, so be careful. Your goal is to stop the aggression, not to kill a person. The power of the item is strong, so do not exaggerate and use it properly. Since the pain caused by the pen is strong you can hit a hand or an arm, or a leg. It is completely legal, but it is a weapon. 

Now you are prepared to buy your tactical pen and to use it. If you want to have some more ideas for a gift to a traveler or if you need some tips about read my shopping posts