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Do you like to travel? The first thing you need is a travel blog. Yes, because the pages contain reviews and tips that will help you. How? To decide your destination, to plan your visits, and also to find good offers to save money. Are you searching for some tips and ideas? Follow My Anasa. To give you support is my goal.  On my blog, you can find my direct experience, my advice, and a lot of tips and guides.

I am writing about my trips to share with you useful information. This can be helpful for you in organizing a holiday or simply to reserve a hotel or to explore a place.  That’s why I invite you and I ask you to follow and share My Anasa. First of all, you will have benefits from the articles. Then you can give the same chance to your friends. I will appreciate it because if my audience grows I can improve my travel blog. Everything is free and you can benefit from my luxury experiences around the world. But don’t keep this opportunity for you.  

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Send the link to my website to your friends. Post about the blog on your social pages. It’s easy, you only need to press the sharing buttons. Of course, do it if you like my articles. Why am I asking that? Because I am a blogger and I am searching for readers. This is obvious, but it is not the only reason.

My goal is to give to the people some hints about traveling and I need a lot of feedbacks. I am asking to follow and share My Anasa only if you like it. If you check out all my posts, you will see differences between the ones wrote at the beginning and the last. That’s why in the meantime I got requests and advice from my followers. This is your travel blog. Consider it in this way.

Travel blog, why share it

I want to improve my activity online and I can do it if you give me feedback. Why should you do it? I visit places where you want to go, I stay in hotels that you would like to reserve and so on. I can be a support for your world exploration. It’s like to charge me to visit a place before you. Then I will write a report and you will decide if go or not and what to do. That’s what a travel blog should be.

You find on the blog also guides and tips to live better experiences. I am going to select the best items and services for travelers. Not only, but I also try them for you and I give you discounts and special conditions. Follow and share the travel blog My Anasa, you will get concrete and free support to travel.

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Luxury and money

I am a luxury traveler, so mainly I share experiences about this type of trips. But among the luxury hotels and restaurants reviews, you can find something else. A lot of less known destinations, so cheaper. Some offers to save money. Because luxury doesn’t mean high costs. Thanks to the deals I select for you, it is possible to have great benefits for a cheap price. There is something more in my travel blog.

I prepared, I am going on to do it, some guides on “how to make money to travel”. On my travel blog, you can find some ideas to earn an extra income. Of course, working and being in legality. Certain activities to do in your free time will allow you to get some more cash. Maybe it’s your first step to explore the world, with or without luxury. Check out these examples: Food delivery, Woodworking, Web Marketing.

Do you want an example? Read my travel guides. And don’t forget to follow me on IG, Twitter, and Pinterest. Do you want some more updates and extra contents? Subscribe to my newsletter and get weekly news about my travel blog.


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