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Transcribe & caption videos: you can earn good money to travel

What does it mean to transcribe & caption videos? In the last years, online videos literally have exploded. All the people communicate through them because it’s the easiest way to catch attention and to share a message. In fact, YouTube became the 2nd biggest website on the internet. Facebook is the 3rd one thanks to its huge video platform. So, if you are searching for a way to earn extra money to travel, I suggest you to to focus on a profitable activity. Transcribe & caption videos. This works very well online. It is useful and required. You can get a lot of opportunities from that.

The video creators know it very well. To get their uploads noticed, they have to transcribe the audio into text. This helps a lot to promote the videos. You are surely asking why. Generally, a video has sound so you can easily tell the message by talking. You should consider that many people watch videos with the sound off. Most of the time they do that because they watch a video during their work time or moving on public transports. That’s why transcribe & caption videos are essential.

Transcribe & Caption Video

Transcribe & caption videos: how to do it

What should you do? Easy, you need to transcribe & caption videos! Let me explain. You can make extra money typing out what people are saying in a video. Listen to their message and write it down. It’s easy, right? It is, but there is a requirement for that. You need to be fast at typing. This is a must because the message of the video can be long and you need to write a lot in a short time. This is what they want. Remember that the caption is very important, so mistakes are not allowed.

If you want to provide this service, you can promote yourself online. But keep in mind that most of the creators work with platforms. Some companies provide this type of activity. So you need a lot of time to find clients and you have to win on big competitors. The alternative is to subscribe to those platforms and offer your competencies. Youtubers always need that, but those companies can give them exactly what they want for a good price. Obviously, they pay you for the work down.

Companies and earnings

Now you want to know how much can you earn and what are the platforms. I am going to tell you everything. Let’s start with the earning part. I can’t say that you will become rich and neither the exact amount you can gain from this activity. But I can tell you that they pay around $10 per hour. This means that you can have a bit less or a bit more. Consider that there are a lot of people working to transcribe & caption videos, so maybe you won’t be full of work at the beginning.

How you can apply? Among the companies on the market, I suggest you subscribe to a couple of platforms. The first one is Rev, a Californian startup, that offers translations, transcriptions, and captions. You can apply as a freelancer. In this way, you choose how much to work and what to offer as competencies. They pay you via PayPal weekly. To be approved you have to pass an English grammar test. The second company is 3Play Media. It is based in Boston and it works since 2007. They offer jobs to transcribe & caption videos, you find all the information on the website.

This is a new idea about how to make money to travel. You can also transform it into your main activity, but first, start and see how much you can earn. Surely, you will gain extra money. In case you think this job is not for you, check out the other opportunities. I prepared a lot of guides for you on this topic.

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