tips for travelers

Tips for travelers

I am often out of home for my job, but I had my first time. It reminds me of the confusion in my mind and also the mistakes. That’s why I want to share some tips for travelers. Especially for the ones who are going on holiday for the first time. Well, I am writing to all people without much experience. Why? Because they might forget something or ignore something to do before to leave. The risk is to live a bad experience because the mind is occupied by problems.

If you will follow these tips, I am sure that you will be safe and your mind will be totally free. You will enjoy your journey. Because it happens to forget to renew the passport on time. Therefore you can’t depart. Also, you can forget to close the gas at home. So your mind will be always occupied by this. Make a checklist starting from the tips for travelers. You will be well prepared to avoid the risks.

Tips for the travelers: documents

When you plan a trip you need to be sure to be ready to travel. It is important to make reservations, buy items, prepare the luggage. But there is something essential. Your documents. In fact, without a valid passport, you can’t even leave your country. Then it can be necessary also to have insurance that covers you in case of accidents or illnesses.


When you decide your destination you have to check the documentation required to enter. They can ask you for a visa, just for a passport or only for the ID card, as it happens around Europe. Not only the united countries. On the webpage of your embassy in the country that you want to visit you can find all the information. Generally, to go abroad they require at least six months left on your passport before it expires. Pay attention to the tips for travelers.

Keep in mind that to have a new passport can be issued in two or three weeks. It depends on the country. So ask on time. On the police or government websites of your country, there are all the details. Do it immediately and on time, otherwise, you will risk canceling the trip. For instance, in Italy, if you travel inside the country it is valid the driver’s license. Inside the EU there are no more borders, but it is necessary to have the ID card with you. If you are EU citizens. So my tips for travelers include the verification of the documents.

Some examples

As Italian, I can go just with ID card in Turkey, Western Balkans countries, but if I go there for work reasons I might have the passport. Also, it is common to renew the ID card with a separate paper. This is not accepted abroad. These examples can help you to understand how important is to know the rules. If you also need a visa, you will need at least a couple of months to have a new passport and a visa.

If you are not ready properly with the documents the police of your country stop you directly at the airport. Don’t forget to follow the procedures. Also, the government of your country gives you tips for travelers according to the documents.


If you are an EU citizen and you travel in the EU countries, you don’t need any insurance. Thanks to the European Health Insurance Card. But if you don’t have any government deal between your country and the one you will visit, you need insurance. It will support you in case of accidents or if you will have any type of health problem. In case you travel alone, plan the activities because maybe you will need specific insurance coverage. Read my tips for travelers about insurance.

First of all, if you have to ask for a visa the authorities probably oblige you to purchase insurance. Before to apply for the visa. Anyway, you never know what can go wrong during a journey, so it is really better to be covered. Medical assistance and help for flight delays and cancellations are the main benefits of insurance. The cost is not so high and online you can easily find the perfect solution. Many companies offer travel insurance with good coverage and budget price. Anyway, take into consideration the tips for travelers.


When you sign the contract you accept all the conditions. For this reason, it is important to check properly the offer. If you use the European Card be sure to renew it because it expires every five years. What should you verify? The countries included in the coverage. In fact, someplace can be excluded by the insurance deal. There are more elements to be considered in the tips for travelers.

Inform the insurer about your yearly policy and about the pre-existing conditions you have. Maybe they have the option to extend your contract for your travel needs. Be sure to be covered for any activities you will plan. Outdoor and sports activities also. So in the case of accidents, you will be safe. You will get their support. Now you are ready with documents, but there are other tips for travelers.


Tips for travelers: health

You have your insurance, so you are ready for any inconvenience. This is true, but it is not enough. Do everything to take care of medical matters. Your task is to be in form for the holiday. So one or two months before to leave go to the doctor for a visit. If required by the authorities of your destination countries do the vaccinations. Also, do them if the doctor suggests a specific treatment to prevent local illnesses.

Other tips for travelers: follow the doctor’s advice also to take with you certain medicines. Then with the pharmacist help prepare a medical kit. It is useful to be ready for any situation to cure yourself for small accidents or for a cold and so on. They will give you all the support to keep you safe. Traveling you get in touch with different risks for your health, so be careful.

Tips for travelers: secure your house

It doesn’t matter how much time you will be out of the home. Take all the precautions you can to make it safe for all the time you will travel. How? What should do? You have to enjoy your experience, so pay attention to some tips for travelers. Leave a set of keys to a relative, a neighbor or a person who you trust. Ask this person to check your house from time to time. He or she has just to see if everything is in order, put the bins back if the rubbish has been collected and so on. Maybe collect your mail.

Don’t leave the keys outside under the carpet or inside plant pots. Those are the first places where a thief will search. The person in charge of going to your house from time to time will show that someone is at home. So it will keep thieves far. If you have a garden don’t forget to lock the furniture, because they can be used to climb a wall and to enter the house. Use a timer to switch on and off the lights in the evening.

Let me give the last of the tips for travelers about your house. Maybe when you leave you are worried you have left the cooker on. It happens, it is normal and I had the same sensation the first time. Write down a list and tick each thing when it is done. Like windows locked, alarm set and so on. Include it with the checklist of the things to take before the departure. Together with passport picking and the other stuff you need.

Tips for travelers: your safety

You are excited about your travel and this is great. But the world is not always an amazing place. There are some risks. Visit the Foreign Affairs Ministry to check the alerts about your destination country. Then let them know about your trip. So In case of need, they can search for you and give you assistance. This is an important step in my tips for travelers because it guarantees your safety.

Are you fashion addicted. To be fancy is good, but be careful. In certain places to show jewels, luxury watches and so on it is dangerous. So limit their use. Keep your wallet close to you and possibly in a pocket in front of you. These small tips for travelers are made to face problems with thieves around the world. You can check also my previous guide.

Have a safe trip and have fun!

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  1. I travel often and certain things become second-nature to me but it is good to have a list of tips such as this to refer to as and when …. Very helpful

  2. Yes, this guide is mainly made for people who are not used to travel. But what I learned in my experience is about the importance of the checklist. Some actions are just normal and we even don’t need to think about them. But it happens to forget something at home or to miss some part of the preparations. I have the habit to write down the lists and I decide to share some tips 🙂 Thanks a lot for your comment

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