The Venetian glass art

Maybe you already heard about Murano glass, the product made on the Venetian island of Murano since the 7th century. The artists and the artisans active in this place in the past and now are not the only ones to work the glass and the crystalline glass, but the Venetian glassmakers are fur sure among the bests. The masterpieces realized by them are in museums and important houses around the world. Sculptures, decorations, vases, and chandeliers are some of the most common objects produced in the local workshops.

During the last day of my stay in Venice, I had a trip to Murano, and it was an exciting time the one spent there because I had the chance to enter some workshops to see the artisans and the artists during their work. It is amazing to see them meanwhile they create an object, but this privilege is not dedicated to some elected people, but everyone. Tourists are always welcome to enter the shops and also behind them, where they create their art.

The island is quite small, but there are some ancient churches and buildings to be seen as nice examples of art and architecture. Among those places, there are the Duomo dei Santi Maria e Donato, the Palazzo Giustinian, where is hosted the Glass Museum, and the Palazzo da Mula. After some walk and a tour around the small streets and the channels, I needed to eat something. I stopped in a ”trattoria” called Busa alla Torre.

There are two dining rooms located inside a building of the 11th century with nice ancient decorations. The dishes offered are traditional and on the menu, you can mainly find fish. The best recipes are ”moleche in saor” and ”tagliatelle alle canoce”. They are coming from the Venetian lagoon, and the cook well prepares them. In this simple restaurant, the guests can have a good meal.

At the end of my day in Murano, it came the time to go back home and to say goodbye to Venice.


2 thoughts on “The Venetian glass art”

  1. I’ve been to Murano.
    I was there last month and we probably went to the same place. My friend and I watched as a guy created a beautiful plate made out of glass and then we had a chance to look at their other creations which were just as amazing.

  2. Oh, that is great! There are some artisans to be visited, but it is possible that we where exactly in the same place, even if not in the same moment. It is very nice what they do and to see them at work convince to buy. I like also to have some of their creations for some gifts to do to my friends and relatives. I really love that place

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