The tradition of coffee in Sarajevo

Thanks to the Ottoman empire in Bosnia the culture of coffee became an heritage, together with tea. In the old town in Sarajevo it is easy to find a place where to taste the Turkish coffee or tea. Anyway The Bosnian tradition offers a thick and strong coffee, served with Turkish delight. Everything is presented with tipical cups and classic eastern copperware. It is common drink a coffee seated with some friends, colleagues of family members and chatting. It is not for sure the Italian habits to have a coffee in few seconds standing in the bar, luckily.

There is a top ten list selected by locals and tourists of the places where you can drink the best coffee and as well the best tea. One of them is Kuća Sevdaha, located in the heart of the old town. The setting is an ancient Ottoman dwelling, but the particular feature of the space is that the café is part of an art gallery, you can drink and admire artworks from the past and from the present as well.

The stone building is really lovely and to enter it is necessary o pass under an adorable archway and walk through to a pretty courtyard. Don’t worry, the space inside is welcoming in winter. Stay there is a cultural experience, because the place was established to spread the Bosnian heritage and you can see traditional costumes and listen the tipical music.

Let me give you, since I tried it, an advice: taste the sweet treats. Choose among the different desserts that they prepare a live a cultural experience directly in your mouth, you will be happy after, believe me. You can go in Kuća Sevdaha in each moment of the day, maybe just taking a break during your old town visit.


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