The pleasure of a Turkish coffee in Istanbul

Be in Turkey and do not drink a coffee is a pity, because a Turkish coffee is never something to drink, but it is a tradition, a metting with the culture and the pleasure to be shared with someone else. I arrived in Istanbul and I saw some people, of course seated in a bar. We didn’t go to a casual place, but one of the most famous cafe in the city. It is called Litera Bar and there is also a restaurant.

Located on the fifth floor of an Ottoman building in the Asian side of the city, the bar has also an elegant restaurant. The modern setting and the very professional service are not the only reasons to seat at Litera Bar. There is an amazing view on the Bosphorus and the presence of Goethe Institute below propose various chances to be part of many cultural events.

The place is really trendy so to have a dinner or to drink sometihing in the evening is better to reserve a table, meanwhile during the day take a break for a coffe with this great panorama it is a must, especially for who wants to enjoy a great Istanbul experience.


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