The parks in Malmö: walking in 19th century:

The parks in Malmö represent a huge part of the local history. Mainly because they were settled in the past. The city of Malmö is a very pleasant surprise for me. Arriving in town I saw firstly great modern buildings well combine with the oldest ones, but the history resides also in the parks. It is like walking in the 19th century.

The Swedish city counts many parks and among them I love Slottsparken. It is at Castle Park. It appears as a modern one, where the water is dominant. There are benches where to have rest and admire nature, but it is better to use them in the summertime. Winter is so cold here, at least for an Italian as I am.

The parks in Malmö:  Castle Park

What to expect from this park? Big stretches of woodland and wonderful views able to inspire a photographer and keep him or her there for hours. It was built in 19th century by Edvard Glæsel and it was the ground of the Malmö Household Regiment. The architect took inspiration from the American style because he wanted to propose everyday use. As it happens in the USA cities. Among the parks in Malmö, this one became my favorite.

In the park there is the main library of the city and as the name suggest the Castle. Around you can see sculptures and monuments and big spaces where to stay in peace like many kilometers far from the city. But maybe you want to know what is so special. Well, the correct answer is inside my pictures. Because it is the best way to describe my emotion meanwhile I was crossing that amazing park. I tried to get the best.

The other parks

I didn’t have enough time to visit all the parks in Malmö. That’s why I will go back to the city. But I had the chance, moving around from an office to another, to have a “taste”. The oldest park is Kungsparken, dedicated to the King and became a public park in 1872. Exotic trees are all around and locals told me that is a very romantic place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t test this aspect during my trip. So I will take note for my next trip to the city. In this case, the inspiration by the garden architect was from the UK. The landscapes are very similar to the ones you can see in England.

The biggest, among the parks in Malmö, place is Pildammsparken, created with the classical standards of northern Europe. They told me that there are more than 10.000 flowers planted in the “flower-alley” every year. Exotic birds are living there, together with ducks and geese. Also, in this case, people talk about a romantic setting. Maybe I have to organize a new trip just to enjoy visits with good company.

The city is one of the recommended destinations by National Geographic. By the way, I am sure that if you will visit it, you will fall in love with the parks in Malmö. Also, you will like the modern buildings. Malmö is considered the perfect place for travellers by experts. I can tell you that I will go back there because I want to explore more. Not only the city, but I also want to see all of Sweden. I will plan to have more time. I hope you enjoyed my pictures. You can read more posts about the city.

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