The Mediterranean cuisine in the heart of Skopje

I want to give you another advice to have a good meal in Skopje. In the main square there is the Pelister Hotel with a famous restaurant on the ground floor. Clients can stay outside under the fine decorated iron structure or inside in the different rooms with a combination of casual and smart elegance as setting. Of course the most important part is coming from the food.

The Italian cook and owner, always available in less busy moments to chat with the guests is an experienced man, that had in past a restaurant in Italy and since some years ago is delighitng the inhabitants and the tourists with Macedonian and Mediterranean recipes. There is a very big choice in order to satisfy any taste. You can find some simple dish and some other coming from the high-quality and innovative cuisine, very well presented.

Pelister Restaurant is the favourite one of many important people in the Macedonian capital city, so if you want to be part of the local life, at least for a while, you will have the chance just entering. You can also order only something to drink, but I really suggest you to taste the cuisine, not only because it is good, but especially because you can leave a great experience. Do not hesitate to ask a suggestion to the chef who has always a special recipe of the day.

You will enoy also the main square from your table and it will be a good view of the buildings, of the monuments and of the walk.


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