The Grand Canal and the life

Now Venice is getting more full of people from all over the world because the ”Biennale Architettura” started. The international architecture exhibition had its opening day last Saturday and each country in the world has space. There are seminars and events where experts and lovers of the sector are meeting each other to compare ideas and talk about the innovations and the products around the globe.

I admire the architecture and especially Venice offers great examples from the past and the present, but I decided to not go to the exposition, but to walk along Grand Canal. I have been different times in this place, but it is like to be here for the first time. The marvelous buildings, the people everywhere, and the water that is passing fast as life does. It is a reflection day and I like to watch people and boats going up and down on the channel and Rialto Bridge.

After a walk along the channel, I decided to find a place where to seat and observe, thinking about how life is passing fast. Well, I don’t want to bore you with my thoughts, so I skip this part to tell you about the perfect place I found to have an amazing view of Canal Grande and to eat something tasty: Antinoo’s, the restaurant of Hotel Centurion Palace.

The dining room with a terrace is hosted in the famous Palazzo Genovese build at the end of 1800 and it is part of one of the most famous five stars hotels in Venice. The panorama is one of the best you can have in the city and the inside setting is modern, a good example of design well integrated with the old and prestigious building. There are two dining rooms, one dominated by red color and the other one is totally white, but in both cases, the elegance is the main element showed. Of course, the terrace is the perfect position where to enjoy the view and from where it is possible to see also Saint Mark.

The position and the furniture are making happy the eyes, but the body needs also something else. The chef proposes recipes coming from the Venetian tradition as fish and rice with sea fruits. The menu contains a very good selection of dishes prepared with great ability and served to please first the eyes, with a lovely combination of colors, then the smell with a superb aroma and finally the palate with a delicious taste.

Ask for a table looking to San Marco and enjoy your meal in a quiet and unique atmosphere, treated like a prince.

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  1. Hahaha well I saw some hotels and malls Venice inspired around the world, but they always miss the atmosphere… I really hope you will come to Italy to explore Venice, it is one of my favourite cities, so I can understand you

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