The cuisine of the lagoon

Jesolo is a very small town located few steps from Venice by boat and it offers a good location for many tourists who want to add to their visit to the city on the lagoon sometimes on the beach. For this reason, the place is full of hotels, restaurants, and services dedicated to the visitors, active mainly during summer time. It is possible to eat almost everything, especially pizza and fish, the leitmotiv of many of the local restaurants, but there are also some elegant places where to taste high-quality food.

The food is a need for our body, but it is also a pleasure, that is why I generally search for a restaurant where to taste something typical and special, served by a professional and kind staff and consumed in a smart and original setting. Otherwise, I can just cook some pasta at home and that is it. Traveling for me it is always the chance to discover the culture in a deep way and cuisine is, of course, a part of it.

In Italy, food is quite popular, but there are not only pasta and pizza. In Jesolo, on the Venice lagoon, in town center few steps from the sea, there is a place that reminds a French bistro with brick walls and lovely objects disseminated as to underline the elegance of the dining room. The modern furniture well spread around the restaurant gives a precise style.

The menu offers dishes coming from the local traditional cuisine proposed with great quality ingredients and accompanied by homemade bread. There are cold and hot appetizers and different recipes for the first and the main courses. Also, the list of desserts leaves the embarrassment of choice. Also, the wine cellar is well stocked with a big selection of wines.

If you like fresh fish this restaurant is highly recommended, especially because it is not too elaborate. Do you want to know the name of the place? It is called Ristorante da Omar and you find it in Via Dante Alighieri 21, in Lido di Jesolo, it is in the main street of the center. It is a good choice also for the tourists who are searching for something different from the most famous Italian recipes.

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  1. It is, believe me πŸ™‚ Thanks to you for the visit. I really like your blog, the articles are really interesting and I am particularly curious about South America, so I am finding a lot of useful information and inspiration.

  2. Oh that is great. I have been in very past, when I was a child, in Colombia and Venezuela, so I am curious to know more how it became. I visited San Andres and there was just a fishermen village with a guest house, but it was a bit less then 30 years ago…

  3. I would love to go back there as well, but I want also to visit new countries in South America. Now I am moving a lot around Europe and I also miss USA

  4. It is my country, so it is obvious that I love it, but I think the life is quite stressful in Italy, I am dreaming some quiet paradise… by the way, where did you live?

  5. You know, Calabria is one of the few Italian regions where I have never been… I am happy to follow you, so I can discover many new places πŸ™‚ Do you also speak Italian? πŸ™‚

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  7. But at least your language is useful, thanks to English you can go around the world and talk with many people, if you only know Italian you can go to Italy, Vatican, San Marino and the Italian part of Switzerland… πŸ˜€

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