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The Christmas gifts for a traveler: 6 cool ideas

Christmas gifts represent for me a pleasure. Not when I get them, but when I have to buy them. But I have to admit, it is so hard to find the right present. Because in the end, the goal is to make people happy. It is not possible to do it when you haven’t so many ideas. Well, I prepared a few tips for you if you are going to buy something for a traveler.

Rites and Christmas gifts

Some of you are not celebrating Christmas, but for who is waiting for this important holiday, in addition to the religious rites and the time spent with the family, there is something else. Someone is abroad for leisure or for business to enjoy the artificial atmosphere created by hotels and restaurants. In any case, there is always a chance to give and receive a Christmas gift. It doesn’t matter what, because it counts the thought reserved to or by a special person.

I am not a shopping addicted at all, but the Christmas time can be an excuse to buy or to ask to ”Santa Claus” something that I need as Christmas gifts. What? Items are useful for my trips. I decided to share this because you can benefit from my ideas… for yourself or just for a present to a traveler among your relatives and friends. Of course if in case you want to buy a gift for me you are welcome and you know what I am searching for. Just kidding, don’t worry!

My Christmas gifts

1. Camera tripod

Christmas gifts tripod

First of all, I need a new camera tripod to be more stable in taking pictures, one of my best Christmas gifts. Even do I am not a professional photographer, but I love to take pictures and to improve the quality especially in certain conditions. It is possible to elevate the camera, to wait for the perfect light and not move when I click. Also, I would like to purchase a tripod for my mobile because I use it a lot for my pictures. The phone camera offers great quality.

2. Travel journal

Christmas gifts travel journal

I have to buy a new travel journal to take notes of my travels. To keep memory and to write my blog posts, because I need to write down names, dates and some historical facts. Also, I take note of my impressions at the moment. In this way, I can express my feelings when I create a post on the blog or my social pages. A good Christmas gift for me and for some of my friends who love to travel.

3. Drone with a camera

One of my dreams is to have a drone with a camera to make live videos and pictures from the sky. Or just to catch some details of buildings in the upper part. Of course, to start my experience with it, I would think of a simple and cheap model. Then doing practice I would love to have a professional one. I already started to imagine what I could do with a drone during my trips…

4. Headphones

Christmas gifts headphones

What about to listen to some music on a plane, on a train and so on, especially when the journey is so long? With headphones, I can easily do it without disturb anyone. This is quite useful for me and also I can connect them to my devices. For example to watch a movie from my laptop or also to speak with someone via Skype when I am in a public space.

5. Power bank

Another Christmas gift, for me important, is a serious power bank. To easily recharge the battery of my smartphone and tablet when I can’t plug them. It is essential to share my pictures with you, to interact with you and also to work all the time.

6. George Bradshaw’s Railway Guide

Christmas gifts Bradshaw guide

Have you ever saw Michael Portillo on BBC? He is a former politician, journalist, and broadcaster who made a TV series traveling around Europe and the USA using the George Bradshaw’s Railway Guide. He had the version of 1913. That guy was exploring the countries checking the old tips with the modern setting, always moving by train. I would like to have the same book, also if reprinted in recent times. I will check the countries where I will go to compare the experience of the beginning of the XX century with the actual conditions. It is mostly for fun, but I want to try. What do you think?

And more…

I described the Christmas gifts focused on my needs and wishes. If you are going to buy a present for a traveler there are many other useful objects. Bags, slippers, power adaptors, cameras, guides and so on… I will write more about this topic. I am really in the mood in this period and also I want to share about gifts. Each year I always need to prepare myself to choose gifts for my relatives and friends. Maybe you are in the same situation. That’s why you can be inspired by my experiences and tips.

Meanwhile, I would like to read about some ideas and advice from you about Christmas gifts. What will you buy for yourself and for the people you love? How can you find the perfect gift? Feel free to comment.

Tips for more Christmas gifts

Do you want more ideas for your Christmas gifts? Maybe some last-minute advice? Well, check out my posts. You will find a lot of items that I am using for my trips. Then you know, I accept gifts too, so if you want… I am joking, don’t worry 🙂

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  1. Thanks a lot! I am happy to read that you know him, because sometimes when I talk about him people look at me in a strange way, like to say…who is this guy? I would love to have the original guide, but it is not too easy to find one, so I am going to purchase the reprinted copy for this Christmas.

  2. That is great, I am happy about it. This was actually my goal so I am glad that you found inspiration from my post. I am sure your friend will be really happy!

  3. You are rigth, if it is possible it is always the best solution. When it happens to me to make this type of gifts I wonder if my choice fits properly the taste and the expectations of the traveller…

  4. Oh, sorry I misunderstood. Well, in this case I totally agree with you. That’s the reason to be a traveller: discover the world

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