The best tricks for accumulating air miles

The best tricks for accumulating air miles: learn them and make your flights amazing

You are not a frequent flyer so you can’t get and use air miles. This is not true. There are some ways to follow. I want to reveal the best tricks for accumulating air miles. Pay attention and start to collect your points. In this way, you will have the chance to travel at cheap rates or for free. The most important thing that you need to keep in mind is that you don’t have to fly to collect air miles. It is full of solutions, so then you will use the point for your holidays. You can save money.

How can you get free air miles without flying? Easy, use your credit card. I see your face now. There is a big question mark on it. Don’t worry, I am not saying that you have to buy them or to spend a lot of money to get points. I am just telling you to use your credit card when you purchase something. You have to spend anyway, only that you will change your payment method. To explain to you the best tricks for accumulating air miles, I am going to write some examples.

The best tricks for accumulating air miles

The best tricks for accumulating air miles: Phillips Pudding Gambit

One of the best tricks for accumulating air miles is related to Phillips Pudding Gambit. Don’t you know what is it? Well, it is pudding. How can you collect miles with a pudding? Buying! Purchasing 1250 cups of pudding some people earned 1,2 million air miles. By mistake, the purchase was registered as an individual. Anyway, the cost per mile, in the end, was 0,025 USD per mile. You can easily imagine the advantage. You can fly a lot with that amount of points. This is not the only case to gain miles. If you don’t like pudding and you prefer cheese, there is a solution.

The best tricks for accumulating air miles: Emmi Cheese Contango

Some investors bought 1260 Swiss Gruyere cheese forms. They spent 0,012 USD per air mile. This is another ploy. It looks like a normal purchase, but those are only transfers. The transfer orders like money. How is this one of the best tricks for accumulating air miles? To understand how it works and how you can benefit, you need to analyze the system used. Everything starts from the credit card use. You need to calculate exactly your return in miles for a purchase.

The best tricks for accumulating air miles

Credit cards and air miles

Why are credit cards recognizing miles? Because for them it is a way to incentivize customers to pay with the cards. Also, they can have deals with companies and earn more money. You have to know that a seller pays 1,51% for each transaction plus 10 cents. This happens for Visa, but for the other credit card companies, the system is the same. Maybe they can apply different percentages. The best tricks for accumulating air miles can be summarized in credit card use.

Do you have to buy a lot of things? Do you have to calculate how many products purchase? No! The examples I wrote give you the idea, but I repeat: buy what you need. Otherwise, there is no sense, you will spend less just buying the flight tickets. Let me give you some other advice.

Some tips for you

The best tricks for accumulating air miles concern the alternatives to fly. If you don’t have the chance to use the planes often or you can’t go with the same company, you won’t have the opportunity to collect miles traditionally. So the unique solution is given by the credit card. I have two tips for you:

  • select the best credit card for your goal;
  • prefer credit card payment to cash.

The best tricks for accumulating air miles

The first step is to apply for a credit card that allows you to earn air miles for each transaction made. Naturally, check out the conditions according to your spending habits. If you want to go deep into the selection process I suggest you read my guide.

Then you only need to pay with a credit card every time you can. Some cards are made also to pay your home rent. This means that you can manage your expenses better. You don’t have to increase them, just get benefits optimizing them. I bought a digital course that is really useful. It teaches how to apply successfully for a credit card and how to use it to collect as many air miles as you can. Would you like to know more? Read here.

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