The ancient city of Vlora

Vlora is one of the oldest towns in Albania and it has a great charm, because of the ancient monuments and its position on the sea. It was the capital of the country, but now it is well known by local and international tourists. In winter it is quite empty, but in summer the town is alive day and night. Visitors arriving in the center are for sure attracted by the Muradie Mosque, an example of the old Muslim architecture. From there it is possible to reach the hill from where to enjoy an amazing panorama of Vlora.

The National Museum of Independence, not far from the Independence monument, is really interesting and among the different documents and objects, it is possible to discover some important events of the history of Albania and as well some curiosities. It deserves a visit also the Ethnographic Museum. Going around and also a bit out of the center there are very nice places to be seen like Zvernec Monastery and Ali Pasha Castle.

During the warm season, Vlora offers great beaches where to spend a few hours under the sun or swimming in the beautiful and clean water of the sea. Just enjoying one day is not enough, but for a first visit, it can be good to have a look and to eat some fish. I decided to go to a luxury and elegant restaurant called San Giorgio al Porto. The Italian name is not by chance, but the Mediterranean cuisine is very good and the local ingredients are very well prepared by the chef.

The nice setting and the high-quality service are surely a good combination with the various menu. Every dish is presented in an innovative way and accompanied by superb wines, to be chosen in the big selection present on the list or suggested by the owner. The standards are higher than the ones that normally it is possible to find in the country and it is a preferred restaurant for locals.

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