teaching english

Teaching English: 1 amazing advice to make money to travel

Is English your mother tongue? Are you very good at English? Teaching English is your life? There is an opportunity for you. I am not offering you a job but giving you some tips to make extra money to travel. Why did I ask you about your language preparation? Because English is a worldwide language and there are many people ready to pay for some lesson or for some conversation. Teaching English will be your perfect way to get extra income to travel.

It is not hard if you have the required knowledge. To whom you should propose yourself? Local students who need help with their studies, foreigners in general or businessmen. Especially from Asia. Many of them need it to manage their contacts abroad and to grow their business. Teaching English to them is profitable and you can do it online or offline.

teaching english

Teaching English online

You can work with people in your city, but if English is your mother tongue, maybe also the students around you know the language. It is more profitable to search for foreigners and to be in touch with them via the internet. Teaching English online will be better in terms of earning. Let’s see together what you can do exactly. Step by step it can become your official job. You will need only a computer connected to the internet so you will be able to do it anywhere in the world.

Why am I sure you can have success in teaching English? Because the demand of learners is very high, all around the world. Especially in China. Many companies are hiring teachers to offer language tutoring services online to their managers. You don’t need any particular study title, but you have to show your skills. Use the proper platform to find clients: VIPKID. There are opportunities to have also online classes with kids. Basically, you can earn $500 per month. Not bad as extra income, working for 90 minutes per day. Don’t you think so?

teaching english

A platform to work with: Airtasker

To find clients online is not that easy. That’s why you have to consider, especially at the beginning, to get support. Well, I can suggest a solution. It is called the Airtasker. The platform simplifies the match between offer and demand. Subscribing to the service you can propose your competences. But also apply for some job. Yes, people and companies require someone able to do the tasks. Teaching English is included. So this is the perfect opportunity for you. Once you signed up, you can immediately start.

Why use Airtasker? Because it is full of offers waiting for you. Then it represents your freedom because you can do how much work you want. You need to respect the engagement, but you are your own boss. Also, payments are safe. The staff of the platform will take care of the whole process. You won’t lose any money after the task is done and approved. For any problem they offer insurance. This service is your ally.

teaching english

Catch the chance to find a lot of customers. You will be able to choose the best job offers. Are you worried about how much will be your income? On the platform, there is a tool that will help you. First of all, the average rates are indicated. Plus you will find an instrument to make a quick calculation. You only need to select how many tasks you will accomplish per week. Then the system will give an average result of your earning. This is Airtasker.

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