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Happy 2019 from Prague

My dears, how did you start the New Year? I want to wish again Happy 2019! From Prague. I am really happy to be here, but I am a bit tired. Maybe many of you can understand me. When you are abroad for the New Year’s Eve you don’t go to sleep early and you enjoy the party…or maybe more than one. I am not able now to tell you all what I want about the city so some other posts will follow this one these days. I will write about the place and the accommodation.

With this article, I want to refresh my wishes for a happy 2019 and to show you a few pictures of fireworks. The cruise on the river was fabulous and also the walk in the city to go to the concert in the main square and in the clubs. I saw Prague in the summertime, but now during the new year celebration is completely different. It is funny and there are a lot of people of all ages coming from all over the world.

Happy 2019: fireworks and more

There are magnificent buildings very well enlighted and during the winter holidays, the lights have different colors. Then the atmosphere is unique, very well combined between the tradition and the international soul that comes from visitors. The river looks like a magic touch. Yes, because of the water that reflects the lights, the buildings, and the fireworks. It was a good start to have a happy 2019!

I love fireworks, but I can say that in Prague they did an amazing job. The show was really beautiful. This brief break with my friends was really a great idea, maybe because it wasn’t mine… 😮 I have a lot of new energy for the new year. Also for the blog, so I want to put more strength to work online to improve my posts and to give you new cool articles.

My dears, watch this very short video and stay tuned for other news from Prague. Happy 2019!

Fireworks in Prague. Happy 2019!

Happy New Year

My dear readers and followers, the moment came: Happy New Year!!! In a few hours, we will welcome 2019. Tonight we will celebrate a new beginning, of course, we hope better than the previous one. Generally, we do a balance of the things done, but I will wait a bit for this blog because it will have the birthday tomorrow. It will be one year of blogging for me, an important event.

This 2018 was more or less a year like others, but thanks to you all that you followed my posts with your comments and likes, it was a great year. My Happy New Year to you is also a hope. I hope we can continue our journey together. Also, I have great expectation, not only for my job and my private life but also for my presence online. I am working to improve my activity step by step. Now I don’t want to write about this topic, I will have time to do it tomorrow.

Happy New Year to you

I want just to wish you a Happy New Year! With the hope that you will have joy, satisfaction, and success. 2019 can be the year to realize your dreams, all of them or just a few of them. Work hard to help your destiny to be sweeter, be blessed and thank you for being here. You are the reason why I write and why I share as much as I can my posts, my tips, and my pictures.

About me, except blogging, I will have a new full year. I don’t know what will happen, but on my agenda, there are a lot of trips. Mainly I will travel for work reasons, but I will be glad to share with you my experience, always combining travels and luxury. I hope also to get good news and feedback from you. I will surely enjoy spending a bit of my time here with you. This will be a Happy New Year.

What will you do tonight? What are your plans to celebrate the New Year’s Eve? Before to start the party check my short video wishes, available also on my YouTube channel.


Happy New Year to you

Calendar 2019: a gift for you

My dear followers and readers,

this is the Calendar 2019 for you. I planned to post some new articles these days and I am working to do it. Meanwhile, since Christmas is coming, I want to give you my small gift to thank you all! It is almost the first birthday of this blog and if I am here after all these months it is because of you. You follow me, like and comment on my posts, so I have a reason to continue to write.

Now you are thinking “ok, it’s time to leave him, otherwise, he will never stop”… hahaha, I know that you are doing it, so with my gift, I am trying to corrupt you with my Calendar 2019. I am joking, don’t worry. I like to read your feedback and this wants to be really only a “thank you” for your support.

Calendar 2019: what

It is easy, you just need to click on “MY ANASA Calendar 2019” and download it. It is a pdf file and you can save it on your computer or print it out. The Calendar 2019 is made in an international model so you can find all the days of next year without holidays written. That’s why I dedicated it to all of you, also to whom is not going to celebrate Christmas on 25th December and to whom don’t celebrate it.

MY ANASA Calendar 2019

You find also one of my pictures. I have chosen it because for me on the chair each of us can seat. It is the position from where to see what will happen next year. We don’t have only to seat there but also to act. In about one week it will start a new year and this Calendar 2019 is my first wish to you all for 12 months rich of satisfaction. We will have one more week to exchange wishes so I will be back to you all for it.

I did it on Freepik.